REL Storm III repair or sell for parts

I have 2 REL Storm III, I purchased them new about 12 years ago, the cost was around $2,000.00 each.
I use them to tie into my L&R mains, I have a Velodyne for the .1.
Both Subwoofer Amps need repair.I called REL and they no longer sell the amp or parts for the model nor will they repair it. I called around my area (Dallas-Ft Worth), there are no repair centers that have worked on REL's.I also called the dealers that sell them in the area and they do not have any way of repairing them.

REL said that they would give me a $100.00 credit each towards purchasing 2 new ones.REALLY !!, Thanks let me jump right on the sale and have the same problem 12 years from now.
I guess my frustration is that I have a Velodyne for my .1 and years ago they sold a replacement amp to install.

 They are Rosenut and match my B&W speakers, their new models are black and white.
Any advice or experience on how to repair them or sell them to a DIY person.

Those are some of the best subwoofers ever made. Take a look at BK Electronics, they are the factory direct OEM manufacturer out of U.K. who made the REL ST (Strata, Storm, Stadium, etc.) line. BK makes the best subs in the world, IMO. XLS400 would be a great replacement for the Storm III. Monolith Plus is out of this world amazing.

My recommendation is sell the Storms for parts and buy BKs. Or do a full electrolytic capacitor recap on each Storm’s amp. Electrolytic capacitors are 99.99% responsible for failures/issues in these amplifiers. Caps are easy to replace, buy good brand such as Nichicon from DigiKey, Newark, Mouser.
I had 3 REL subwoofers (a stadium and 2 strata) - all three had the same amp problem. REL service is about as bad as it gets - and that includes the "new" ownership. I sold them for parts - and bought JL audio - much better sub, much better company.