Rel storm III or Stadium III.

I'm using Vienna Acoustic Beethoven for the main set up, Maestro for center and Haydn for surr. Currently I am using M&k V125 subwoofer for home theater(30%) and music(70%), I want to replace the subwoofer on my system, should I go for Rel storm III or stadium III? will it be any different between M&K V125 and Rel Storm III? Due to budget limitation I can only get Storm III in a couple months or I will save it up for Stadium III within a year. Any suggestions will be apreciated.
I have a Storm III and it is nice... I always long for more definition with sub base - I made the mistake of listening to the Studio III - kind of upset my "apple cart" :). I would just wait and get the Stadium III (used for less $$) when you have a chance... I am not familiar with the M&K so I cannot comment on the differences vs. the REL ST line...

May want to consider 2 subs if your main focus is music...

A friend tells me that 2 properly configured Vandersteen 2Wq subs work GREAT for music and the jury for Home Theater... as there are possible HT processor issues in his system... Since it sounds like you may be in the middle of a wait - send me an E-MAIL and I will let you know when my friend has his HT figured out...
It this a home theater question? If you don't do much 2 channel listening, maybe you should take a look at the REL Q400E or Q401E.

The Stadium III is a decent step up from the Storm III. You get what you pay for..
I had an M&K MX-150 with VA Bach's and I too wanted a better sub for music. I just didn't have the crossover flexibility with the M&K. I picked up a Storm III and cannot say enough about how much of a difference it made. I always heard bass is supposed to be non-directional, or is it omni-directional, but with the M&K's high xover I could sense where it was coming from, not with the REL, I feel the kick and the bass sounds like it's coming from right in front of me, which it isn't it's in the same corner where the M&K was.
Can't comment on the differences between the two subs. I'm more than happy with the Storm. I guess it would depend on how much power you really need to match your room and main amp/speakers.
Call Sumiko since they import both brands. That is the same advice someone gave me a few months back. I took it and they answered all my questions even knowing I bought the sub second hand.
Since this is an HT forum, it rocks for movies too!
There is a REL product that is right in between these subs called the Stentor. Probably a very nice solution.
You may want to take a few minutes and check out the new Velodyne DD-15 or DD-18. The subs come with a room correction system that can totaly bring you to a new level.
This is the way all subs will be going.

When you buy the sub,you get all the cables and mic. Takes about 30 min. to set up.
I have owned, and liked the one version older 18" Velodyne. It's a great sub for HT. It's a great sub period. But, when it comes to integration with your main two channel speakers for two channel music listening, go REL and don't bother to look back. I am now a happy Stentor owner (sold the Velo). The way the Stentor seemlessly integrates with my already full range speakers is amazing.

I run my big front speakers full range for HT, I only need that sub for the .1 material, and the REL provides seperate inputs and levels for both.

You have to understand your buget. Cycle per cycle the REL is a touch more expensive than the 18" Velo. The REL's higher price is commesurate with its higher performance, for sure. If the budget is a higher priority than music, go Velo. If music comes first, go REL.
The Rel is old tech. Check the the Velodyne website and read about seemless intergration. It has a built in computerized room correction that is diplayed on screen. First do the sweeps from 15 to 200htz and see what your main speakers are doing in the room. Second,bump up the volume on the Velodyne sub. until it is close to where you want it. Third use the EQ to flatten out the room responce.
This is nothing like any other sub.
The REL maybe "old tech", in how it accomplishes its goal. Let's judge equipment based on how successful the equipment is in acheiving its intended purpose.
I have heard the REL. Have you heard the new DD series?
I have only critically listened to (and owned) the DD's 18" predecesor. Unfortuneately, I don't have the opportunity to listen to the new 18" DD, especially now that you have my curiousity piqued. I do not feel that that previous Velo model integrated or performed as well as the Stentor III which replaces it.

But as you point out, this is not the new DD series, which I admit I have not listened to.
Velodyne may release the "room correction" as a type of black some time next year. This what I heard,not from Velodyne.
I have never heard any sub to beat the REL's for music. Velodynes are big boom boxes, inferior to a Rel for music! The Stentor has power and precision beyond belief!!! Old tech my Arse!! The matrix bass loading and transmision line venting in the ST series RELs is superb. You want sloppy, soft, indistinct bass get one of the hundreds of boomboxes on the market, you want the best, get a REL!!!

You just revived a thread from 2003! Incidentally do a google and look for HT Shack Subwoofer Tests - a real eye opener in general to subwoofer performance or lack thereof in all but one or two cases...