REL Storm 1st version with XLR High Level input

Just acquired an original REL Storm, the first version with XLR inputs. AudioGon-ers all say that the High Level input is the way to go with an REL. I assume I can simply make up an XLR cable Left-Right-Common configuration and it shouldn't perform that much different from the Mk II version with the High Level, three wire, Neutrik connector. So guys, any reason why I should replace the XLR with a Neutrik?
Talk to Dermot at Sumiko.
I imagine replacing the XLR input could be a pain in the ass, but Speakon plugs are easier to work with. It is exactly the same "2 hot and 1 ground" result.
Hi Erik,

I did some quick Googling, and while I didn't find anything totally definitive, I found several strong indications that the pinouts on that XLR connector are not to the usual standard. It appears likely that pin 3 is ground, rather than pin 1. You'll want to verify that with Sumiko or elsewhere before connecting the sub, because of course you don't want to wind up grounding an amplifier output.

I also found an indication that pin 1 is Right and pin 2 is Left, but interchanging the two channels shouldn't make any difference since they presumably get summed together.

Re your original question, I don't see any technical reason to replace the connector.

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-- Al