Rel Stadium ll vs Rel Strata lll

What are the differences sonically between these subwoofers? Which one would you rather have if sonics are number 1. Will be using it for just 2 channel music. Thanks
I would say the Stadium 11. I have one paired with a Stadium 111 but for some time I used the 11 alone and it worked very well.
The strata will be tighter/fast, but the stadium will give you more output and extension.
IMO I have to agree with Goatwuss..Ive owned the strata3,storm3,stadium1..although Ive never owned the stadium3 the strata will give you faster bass..that would be my choice not given room size,gear etc
Thanks guys for the responses. My room is 12x15 and I have Totem model 1s (monitors). I have been told that the stadium is fast enough so I do not think that is a problem. What do you guys think?
The stadium is way more sub than you need for a 12 x 15 room. I would go for the Strata hands down in that space.
Strata3...stadium will overpower the room..and you will save $$$$$
I agree with the others, it will depend on room size.
There are issues if your room is too small for most any speaker, especially a sub.
32 x 14 room?