REL stadium II vs. stadium III

I am considering purchasing a used rel subwoofer.Does anybody have any comparitive notes between the stadium II vs. the stadium III,if so,does the difference in sonics justify the additional 800.00(in used condition.Would storm II or III work better? Please answer asap

current setup:
B&W N805s with F805 stands
Jolida JD100 cdp with level one mod by Parts conn.
Audio Research SP9 pre-amp
White Audio Lab A100 power amp
(cables)Tara Labs,Signal and Cardas

I listened to a friends system extensively and it was the N805s and Standium 2. We never could get it to blend satisfactorily regardless of adjustment or location. It could have been a room problem but, we got frustrated and eventually gave up. The Stadium provided bass but, it just did not tightly blend with the 805s, for whatever reason.

At the time he sold the sub he the Mk. 3 iteration had just been introduced. I don't remember the changes but, I seem to remember the dealer thinking the revised crossover adjustments would have resolved this tonality difference. It was too late though as my friend changed direction and was pursuing a different path.

Personnaly, I think the room had much to do with our blending dilemma. I suspect the Strata may have been a better match for this system. Anyway, take my comments with a grain of salt. The REL has an excellent reputation and is built very well. I still think they are about as good and any sub can be.

Myself, I am using dual Vandersteen 2wQ's with Maggie 3.6s and am happy with the blend.
While I do not have experience directly comparing Stadium II and III, I can say with a fair degree of certainty that there is little practical difference and therefore the cost differential is not justified. The primary (only?) difference between the II and the III is the power of the amplifier (100 vs. 200 wpc). I have never turned my Stadium II volume control above 25%. You tell me whether the extra 100 watts will make a significant difference.
The Stadium II provides extraordinary power, speed and control. Hard to imagine bass getting much better unless you were to go up to a Stentor or Studio, which are configured much differently than the Stadium. Good luck!
As a Stadium II owner I would concur with Dodgealum. The difference in power could conceivably be noteable in a very large room but I too don't even come close to pushing it near its maximum. I tend to keep it "subtly introduced" at barely 1/4 power (if that) and it integrates beautifully. If there are any other noteable improvements you can let your wallet decide but I would feel confident you'd be very happy with the 2 and the $$ you save. I'm using it with Silverline Sonata 2's and it's somewhat overkill but I love it. Just my 2 cents. Happy lissnin.
I generally agree with Dodgealum and Lissnr, however my suggestion would depend upon the size of your room and whether or not you plan to purchase two REL Storm III woofers or one REL Stadium II or III.

Your listening room configuration also plays a part in your decision. It is difficult to make a recommendation without knowing more about your room dynamics.
For what it is worth, I am also looking at the Rel Stadium III to help out my Revel Gems. I posed the II vs III question directly to Rel and they said:

"The Stadium III has more power, an upgraded driver to handle the extra power, redesigned electronics using later technology, individual gain controls for low and high level inputs, more accurate roll off (filter) which has twenty four accurate semi tone steps. Altogether a better model."

So, there you have it! Suggetions on what to marry my Gems with are much appreciated.