REL Setup

I am trying to blend my Rel Q108 and my Linn Katan’s. The low frequency response range of the Katan’s is around 60Hz. Initially when I set the REL I set the cross over at around 35Hz and the power/gain quite high. This provided a great deal of thump but left the lower freq uncovered. I have now set the frequency crossover at around 65 Hz, with an overall improvement in lower frequency representation, and far less thump (in my ears preferable). The issue I am having is that the lower mids from the Katan’s now feel a little muddied, not as sharp and responsive as to what they had previously been. Has anyone had a similar experience setting up a rel with satellites similar to the Linns?
1-Run the Linns full range
2-Either run the REL full range also or use the crossover to limit how high it will go.
You won't get any weak areas this way and can play with the REL crossover to limit the overlap on upper bass.
NOTE-make sure you are phased properly
I have the 108 too and I placed the sub with the woofer facing up. That helped get rid of the boominess and tightened things up a bit.
I have a Q100, and agree with Elevick, and would add try aiming the sub down one wall or another, and experiment with the distance the Katans are from the wall. With some SF Signums, I got my best match with them only 11" from the back wall, it just tightened up the bass unbelievably.