Rel S3 subwoofer connection options?


I just bought a very nice, slightly used Rel S3 subwoofer. Unfortuetletly, the seller did not include the Neutrik Speakon cable...As I see it, I have 3 options...track down a standard cable that should have been included...(least expensive option) Second, buy the wireless transmitter box $300) or buy the Rel Baseline Blue cable at $350? Any suggestions?

Look in the classifieds. There are speaker mfgs who make them for about $100. The neutrik is best for music.

here's one

FWIW i've never used this one but have heard good reviews
I would splurge for the long bow wireless.

Or, you could call some REL dealers to see if they have a factory 10M cable they could part with for a good price.

Here is a reasonably  priced aftermarket:

Getting the "premium" cable is maybe a subjective buy. I remain neutral on the cable argument.
larseand, I have a new Longbow I'm clearing out as I'm no longer carrying REL. I also have a 8 foot high quality cable for REL subs made for us by GutWire that I'm clearing out as well. Both are great options if the GutWire is long enough for you.
There are several aftermarket REL Neutrik cables in the classifieds. I bought the REL Bassline Blue myself. As another poster wrote the Signal cable is a very reasonably priced alternative. Good luck! 
I 2nd table jockey I use the Signal Cable REL Spkon cable between my McIntosh amp and REL Britiania B2 and its a awesome upgrade over the original THIN OEM cable! Bass improved instantly things got tighter and deeper. Cable is thick and needs a foot to bend so add length accordingly.

Matt M