Rel S/5 or JL Audio F112

Hi All, I am looking to add a sub for my Wilson Sophia 2's just to fill in the very bottom end. I will use it for music and HT as my room does double duty. I have narrowed down my list to these two as I really don't have the opportunity to audition any other brands. Does anyone have any experience comparing these subs side by side?

Any and all help is appreciated! Thanks,

Mike, I've never owned a REL sub, but have owned several others (Velodyne, Vandersteen, SVS, JL Audio) with my Wilson speakers.  The best I have found is the Seaton Submersive F2 that I am currently using.  Absolutely remarkable performance across the board.
Mike, I have owned older Rels and think they're terrific subs.  Currently I am using two JL F110 subs to support my Wilson Sophia 3's.  Although I have not done a comparison, I can't imagine needing anything more.  The 110's are very quick and go as deep as I need. Unless you live in an auditorium, they will shake your foundation when the home theater side of your system calls for it.
The only thing additionanal I would add when money allows is the JLcrossover, which would dial it in to perfection.  Best of luck. Mark
I agree with you regarding the F110s. I have dual F110 V2s in a large room and don't see the need for anything else. In addition, I have a CR-1 and can tell you it makes a significant difference.

I own 2  rel s2 subs I enjoy them. I use them with 2 gato fm6 speakers from Denmark.  They do double duty HT and music 70/30 music. I enjoy them. They are great 
Thank you everyone! I had purchased a used R/3 here on audiogon that ended up not working on it's high level input so I will have to send it out to get fixed which got me thinking maybe it wasn't enough to match my Sophias so I thought of moving up to the S/5. Then I started looked at the JL Audio line.

Markel that was exactly the experience I was looking for. I am somewhat surprised that the F110 was a match for the Sophias but if I get two like ricred1 suggests, it would save me some money. I automatically thought the F112 was what I should be looking at.

There was a CR-1 on here not too long ago for a great price. I didn't know about it, but by the time I finished reading about it, someone scooped it up!