REL R-328... Anybody Heard One?

not much out there on the new R series REL subs... if you've heard one, i'd love to hear your impressions.
I just purchased a new REL R528 to pair with my B&W 805Ds and am very impressed. It really ads a lot to the spaciousness and overall dynamics. Especially on larger scale pieces (of course).

Question for other owners: After the installation of a sub system, did you find it best to reposition your main speakers?
I auditioned the 328 briefly with magnepan 1.7's. I was very, very impressed. Problem is I have balance monoblocks so I really need two. The dealer advised 2 218s would be the way to go for me, but I might just get 2 328's. These things are doing more than just providing very low frequency reinforcement. There is so much air around the instruments. And I thought the timber was better. If you get a 328 set up properly, I can't imagine you would be dissatisfied based on what I heard.
Never liked "SUBS" much in a Music Only configuration! electronic or sandwitches However the REL is not the typical Sub woofer. The Rel 328 is a perfect match for the B&W 805 diamonds I tried both the 328 and the 528 and found that for my room the 328 was faster and went just as deep as the 528 did. Needs careful set up, but once dialed in it's like seding the B&W 805s to HEAVEN for an auditio