REL Quake/MJ acoustics pro 50 sub

anybody in the UK audition these Brit made subs...the Mj is not currently available in the states...but I believe the REL any rate...both have garnished great reviews...any thoughts?
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Are you sure the REL quake is available in the US? Last time I checked the entry sub in the US was the strata.
The REL Quake is available in the US. It has a different model name/number. It is called the Q108E.

Just follow this link for information......

MSRP is $749.
at that MSRP I'd be tempted to get a used Strata 3. Better sub and better resale (if and when you upgrade).
Good that price I will probably check out Hsu, Adire(Rava), or MJ Acoustics when overseas...cheers...
The Quake/Q108E certainly is compact for those with space issues (9.96 x 11.57 x 10.7) inches. Probably why it is popular in Europe. $750 is probably a good price point for REL since the Stratus MSRP is $1300 (black) to $1500 (wood); and the Q150E is $1095. In a few years when used ones are available we'll get a better idea of demand.

Some larger dealers discount 15% to 20% on REL's so a new one may be available for $600 to $640.
Phasecorrect .... you will enjoy a good sub. My system, based around Spica Angelus has really come to life since I added the sub.
BTW I got a 6 month old mint Strata 3 for $850 shipped, from a dealer in LA, and I see them on this board for similar money from time to time.
Phasecorrect..I am in the UK but unfortunately have not listened to any of them but once I was also interested in the got great reviews here in Europe and UK..I did not choose it because it is a small sub for my mains..Pro50 goes below that is a feat for an 8" sub..If I were you I would choose the Pro50..the price of Pro50 must be around 500$ for USA I think..
ARAM...I dont believe the pro 50 is available over the pond yet..let me know if you know any differently...cheers...thanks to all for their posts...
I remember once somebody trying to buy pro50..he was from USA..The best way is to ask them..I think you know their website..e-mail and ask them..I hope they have a cheap way of shipping the sub..good luck..
Searched for a good base unit for months.
Finally ended up with REL Strata or Storm as the ultimate
until I heard MJ Acoustics Pro 100 and Reference 1.
WOW! Cheaper than REL and in my opinion superior.
Bought the Reference 1 in London and sounds phenomenal
with my Yamaha NS 1000 monitors and Boston VRM Centre
and Surround Speakers.
IS MJ available in the states now?
I have searched everywhere on the internet for a US dealer or distributor of MJ Acoustics. I wonder why there still isn't a distributor here. I was interested in the Pro50 model for I have a small room. But then I noticed that it's only 50W compared to the new Rel Quake's 100W, so i set my sights on the Quake. Then I learned that MJ Acoustics just came out with the Reference Pro 100 w/ 100W and a much improved version of the Pro50 which only costs a little more and goes deeper to 13Hz. Now I'm looking for a UK shop that will ship to the States. Anyone?
MJ Acoustics distributor in Canada


Reference 100
120watt DC-coupled Bi-Polar Amplifier
Frequency response 13hz to 120hz

Pro 50
50watt rms, 80watt peak DC-coupled MOSFET Amplifier
Frequency response 15hz to 240hz