REL Q150 E vs. Sunfire Sig. Jr. Subs

I'm trying to decide between the the REL and the Sunfire subs. Does anyone have any info on either? Thanks. Rene
The REL subs are great. Very easy to integrate with any system. Can be run both as a high end audio sub through the high pass filter and for HT through the low pass filter at the same time without resetting. A lot of subs have a fixed high pass filter (cannot be adjusted). Are you talking about the Q100E ??? Not familiar with a 150 unless a new model?
I have two RELs. A Q100E with my HT in the family room and a Storm III in my play room with the audio system. There is a Q100E listed in the classified here right now.
All REL subs are good for both audio and HT, however the Q subs were designed with HT in mind and the ST subs (STratus, STorm, etc) with audio in mind. The Q100E has a slam/depth switch so you can get more slam for the movies and more depth for music.
Great info. Now I'm really confused. I was gearing up for the Sunfire after checking out the reviews. This Q-100 E, does it have gut wrenching base?