REL Q Series for two channel system

I want to know if anybody use the REL Q Series in two channel system.
I live in Argentina and I can only buy REL Q series, not the ST series.
Finnally I want to know if it easy to set up the subwoofer with the main loudspeakers.
I will apreciate all your suggest and recomendations.
I am using the REL Q108E in this system: Von Schweikert VR-1, Creek 5350SE and Njoe Tjoeb 4000 CDP. I added it because These bookshelf speakers, as good as they are, don't go below about 50-60 Hz (in room response). The REL adds just enough bottom. This is a smaller room and I don't play it very loud (although my family might disagree!). It works very well to round out the bottom end and is a bargain for the price. Good luck and happy hunting!