REL Product Lines

Okay, I'm lost. Apparently REL has discontinued its "Q" (save the Quake) and "Britannia" series, and added the "R" series. It still lists the "ST" series, but I was told all "ST" models except the Stentor were discontinued.

Whatever the case, which product lines are supposed to be the better ones from REL? It looks like the Quake is a computer sub, but REL's website fails to differentiate between all other models. I did see the "R" series is using a digital amp, although I don't know that makes them better. Although the "ST" series is very popular here, it is the oldest series, and I would expect at least some of the newer series to outperform them.

Where did you hear that the Britannia series was discontinued?
You must be looking at the Rel website. Sumiko is the company marketing the Rel Britannia series. You will not see it on the Rel page but on the Sumiko page. I do not believe the Britannia has been discontinued.
Primus Audio (an REL dealer) in Kansas City told me the Britannia had been or is about to be discontinued. Can't remember which he said.
There is a full page ad in the new (Feb '07) TAS, introducing REL's new T-Series subs.

Does anyone know anthing about these? they perform compared to the Britannia line?

I find it hard to beleive that they will perofrm as well as some of their other designs for a high end MUSIC system, with 3 models that range from just under $600 to just under $1K (list.)

If you have heard the T-Series subs or have some insight about the T's, please share your experience/info.

I do not believe also the Britannia series has been discontinued. A friend of mine just placed an order for a B2 and he is expecting it within this month.

the T series subs are very good value for the $. They wont go as low as the Britannia but out of the box performance is very promising.