REL or Veloydne Subwoofer

I looking for SW to use with my Home Theater System , I have Dynaudio 3.4 with Dynaudio Conture Center Channel. Looking to upgrade my rear channels with the Conture surrounds. I curruntly using Veloydne ULD-12 for sub but
seems Hard to tweek in. I useing a Pioneer Elite Receiver and Rotel 1075 amp but thinking of up grading with a better Processer one of the Newer Rotels.If you have any comments please let me know.
If those are your two choices, take the REL.
I went through a long subwoofer search, and strongly considered subs from REL, Vandersteen, Martin Logan, and Thiel, but ultimately ended up ordering a Velodyne DD-12. I most definitely have a problemmatic room, and the DD-12's diagnostic and EQ abilities seem well matched to my needs. Not to mention the fact that it is a very good performing sub.

I suggested the REL because of the ablility to blend with other speakers, as Charles mentioned a problem tweeking the sub w/the Dynaudios. Sub EQ is great for room probs but doesn't assure any better blending. REL connection options provide for a seamless given that there aren't any extra room problems. This not to say that the new Velo won't work.
Gotcha. I do like the way that the REL's hook up. However, my personal room is just too much of a factor, and I need the extra control. Although, truth be told, if my room wasn't so unusual, I would have gone with the Thiel SW1 to match my CS3.6's.

REL is certainly a good option, and if you are thinking of Velodyne, it is my understanding that the Digital Drive subs are very much a notch above all the rest of their products.

Check out Art of Sound also. They are in the same league as Rel. They also hook up the same as a Rel.
Try a REL. Find a dealer who will let you take one home for a weekend. It will take a few days to dial it in.
Hey Y'all,

Rel, without question. If you can afford it, try two. I own two Strata IIIs and the pair help minimize or eliminate standing waves and frequency spikes in the room. Plus, they put out high levels without strain because you have two doing half the work putting out the levels that one would truggle with.......John
The Velodyne HGS 15 and 18 have line level and speaker level inputs and outputs. They also have XLR inputs. There is volume control on the remote, so you have bass management no matter what the source is. They have tremendous power and very low distortion. I heard a couple of subs from Sunfire, Mirage, Rel, and some others, I bought the HGS 15.
How bout an Audio Physic Rhea? I bought one used a few years ago and have never looked back. Superbly balanced and accurate. AT first it didnt seem like it was doing much. Then as my ears opened up I appreciated accurate bass, down to the limit of hearing. It was equalized, solid, and taut. I have since listened to a lot of full range high end speakers, where the bass was boomy and loose, like the ranting of an american idol wannabee.