REL G1 vs JL Fathom F113 subwoofer


I'm in the Market for a New Sub again!
Has anyone heard the New REL G1? How does
it compare the the JL Audio F113?

NO contest F113 they even have customer service.

Have you compared the two Subs?
Are you saying that REL doesn't have Customer service?
Another vote for JL. Ebm is right about no customer service from REL.
They have bad advice i sold the sub.
Definitely G1 - No support from JL.
Customer service aside,which Sub sounds better on both
Music and Movies?
JL113 cleaner faster better.


What's your reason for choosing the G1 based
on Sound quality?
This is way off topic but can anyone comment on what going to the extremely expensive Wilson Benesch Torus provides?

Is the added articulation in the deep bass from such a design as the Torus audible when paired with a very fast monitor, or slight enough to not be of much benefit?

I have heard of someone using it with the Mini 2's to good effect.

The Wilson Benesch and the JL Audio subs were reviewed in the
March 2007 issue of The Absolute Sound mag. I think that
a pair of JL audio F113's would work great with the Mini2's
also. The Dual F113's would save you about 2k over the Wilson
Benesch Torus!
NO SUB is the best sound by far. I have had REl, Revel, paradigm, Hsu, VC etc. and now they are all gone. Blending subwoofers is a never ending night mere for most especially me. My best success came from a professionally tuned Revel B-15, the a Rel sub and finally a totally inferior Paradigm. The paradigm got a bunch of hype from Stereophile for no reason the woofer is horrible as are most of pardigms speakers, mass produces with less then superior materials. Don't like at all/

I heard the REL G2 is really good and of course the speak on connection is special and far superior to either SE or XLR. I haven't heard the fathom but used for $1200 or so is really good, that woofer will not keep up with the G! or the G2, the driver is to small. Remember the 15 inch drivers disappear where as little drivers in subwoofers are often time easily locatable no matter how good you are at hitting the right crossover poinit.

Very Interesting..
I listened to the REL G1 this weekend, and all I can say is AWESOME! Very Fast Tight and it goes low. At this point I'm
leaning towards the REL.
IMO,I think the Rel is an excellent choice.For someone to say "JL113 cleaner faster better" is just foolish at best.
Interestingly, the Velodyne DD, JL Audio and REL are all outstanding sub brands. Can't go wrong with any of these. Just make sure to schedule a home audition.


Agreed,I don't know if I will be able to schedule a
home audition. I feel confident that the G1 will be
a good addition to my system.

I own Velodyne but I no longer use them for music. My main speakers (Revel Salon 2s) provide a super bottom end. I actually turned off the sub.

I did hear the REL subs at RMAF last month with the Sonus Faber Futuras. The experience was quite good.

And, of course, the JL Audio subs are outstanding as well.

I haven't heard any RELs. I did hear JL Fathom F212's--a pair of them meticulously set up with a pair of Magnepan 20.1's. It was a superb setup--great integration, great timing, great control. And it wasn't all boom and sizzle. We spent most of the night at the demo spinning LPs on a DPS/Ayre turntable. The JL can blend with first rate panel speakers and provides good bottom for a high resolution nuanced performance. They can also, of course, kick ass.

I can't say whether the REL or JL is better per se, but I have a great local JL dealer and I've heard the JLs under challenging circumstances. And if I had the coin for a take-no-prisoners sub, it would be one or two JLs.
I've had a bad experience with REL customer support so I'd never go back to a REL product again YMMV.
I had a REL Studio III with synergistic cables. A pair of JL F113's is so superior that the difference is incalculable. Also at half the price!
I currently have a REL B1 and am seriously contemplating the jump to the G1 or G2. The G1 blended so effortlessly (my B1 blended well with my Sf Auditor Ms, but took some time for correct position and Xover). I am really not a fan of the gloss black though - real wood veneers will be offered in the future.

Wow......You have an Awesome System!

11-14-11: Bflowers
I had a REL Studio III with synergistic cables. A pair of JL F113's is so superior that the difference is incalculable. Also at half the price!
IMO the JL is one of the few sub-makers who could augment the sound of Wilson Alexandrias with no downside. As high end subs go, two JL F113 Fathoms strike me as a good value: combined they cost less and have more power than a single Gotham G213, and of course you can distribute them throughout the room or put one alongside each main speaker for best integration as you have done.

For $20K total, you could have a pair of Maggie 20.1s plus a pair of JL F113s. That's a full-range system that would *kill* at that price.
Thanks alpha3

I agree that the JL was easy to integrate. I assume the ability to calibrate the sub makes a lot of difference. The alexandrias have very good bass. The JLs provide a foundation and slam that is awesome. I have heard Gothams integrated into world class systems (one with alexandrias and one with line arrays) that were both seamless. The REL never came close...and I reiterate at double the price..

Have you heard the New Wilson Thor's Hammer sub?