Rel G1 vs. B1

Anyone out there that has compared these two that could share some thoughts on the differences?
Not really a fair comparison but... I own the G1 and am completely impressed. Use it for very high end stereo and seperate good video system. Video as expected gives you the sense of a charging rhino with two big balls as opposed to my sense that the B1 has only one ball. A friend of mine in the business sells REL and I have only heard the B1 in the store so the comparison is limited but he confirms my impression. For two channel, I use Wilson WP7's which are not shy in the bass (with tube amps) and the G1 is just plain fun to listen to. The claims about REL and soundstage, ambience, foundation ETC are true.
Brief story. I was installing the G1 and was using a Star Trek movie to set the bass while my wife was out for a walk. When she was back inside she said she was actually looking up to see where the sonic boom was coming from. The G1 might have a future as a male birth control devise.