REL G-2 or JL F-112

I'm getting my first sub and after some research have narrowed down to these finalists. I have separate 2-channel and HT systems (side by side) that share NO common components or speakers. The sub will perform double duty with simultaneous integration into both systems. Both the REL and the JL (with the help my preamp's HT bypass) offer this flexibility. The sub will assist my Aerial 10T's on the two channel side and provide for LFE content in my B&K/Def Tech HT system. The price is about the same so its down to "primarily" sonic considerations. My listening habits are about 80% 2-channel and 20% HT.

What say you? I'd certainly appreciate any opinions or comments to help me make this decision!

This is REL's new model and they still don't offer any equalization. Look at the set up procedure. Corner placement, track four of the Sneakers soundtrack, speakon high level connection. Your HT processor may offer bass management, will that work for your two channel too? If not you may need to budget for DSpeaker.

Recently I installed new amplifiers in my two channel system. Using my Velodyne DD plus manual calibration I could visually see the difference the new amplifiers posed from 200Hz on down. Within twenty minutes I was able to adjust the filter settings, Q, crossover, phase, and equalization settings for a truly seamless sub integration as well a couple of other preset levels.

At least the JL Audio offers an auto EQ.