REL G-2 or JL Audio F-112

I'm getting my first sub and after some research have narrowed down to these finalists. I have separate 2-channel and HT systems (side by side) that share NO common components or speakers. The sub will perform double duty with simultaneous integration into both systems. Both the REL and the JL (with the help my preamp's HT bypass) offer this flexibility. The sub will assist my Aerial 10T's on the two channel side and provide for LFE content in my B&K/Def Tech HT system. The price is about the same so its down to "primarily" sonic considerations. My listening habits are about 80% 2-channel and 20% HT.

What say you? I'd certainly appreciate any opinions or comments to help me make this decision!

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I don't know the G-2, but REL and JL are usually about as diametrically opposed as designs can be. A quick look at test results reveals that the RELs are woofers with extended bass and the JLs are true subwoofers designed for clean output in the bottom octave.

For example:

Caveat: This type of result may not be applicable to more recent REL designs.

The good news is that you can pick your poison here. I'll take the JL every time, but many prefer REL.

Good Luck

I have heard that REL stuff is nice, but I do own 2 JL fathoms and they are truly awesome beasts. Try and get a demo somewhere for both if you can.
If you want a sub that does both music and HT extremely well, the JL product
line does that--powerful, subterranean bass for HT, fast, musical, linear
response for music.
I'd take a JL anytime, had a REL and only had problems.
JL all the way, more control and goes lower than any REL I've heard and I've heard the Stentors.
I use a JL f113 for HT and dual Thiel SS2.2s for music.

But if I had to choose one for both music and HT, I think the JL.

The Thiels (even with 4 drivers and 2000Ws between them) just can't match the 1 JL f113 for pure low frequency output