REL Carbon Special in the house!

Just landed this afternoon! This replaces a Rel S/510 which honestly was more than what I needed but I’ve been drooling over the carbon for quite some time. 
So onto my stupid set up question…My speakers are the same so would the Xover and phase settings on the Carbon be the same as what I had on the S/510?




@jl1ny  break in is more about your hearing getting used to the sub IMHO 😊 Take measurements and play tracks once you fiddle with settings. If you have space a dual sub is always better. If not - fine tune with single sub. 

Regards, K

I had dual REL G1 mkII subwoofers, but prefer my system with new mono-amps without the subwoofers. I agree with the statement, "What fascinates me is what a precisely tuned sub does to the ambiance of the soundscape", but better amplifiers do the same and maybe more. I don't think I'll ever own subs again for 2-channel.


I don't think I'll ever own subs again for 2-channel." I'm glad I said, "I don't think", because I purchase dual REL No. 32s a couple of weeks ago. Never say never in audio :).