REL Carbon Special in the house!

Just landed this afternoon! This replaces a Rel S/510 which honestly was more than what I needed but I’ve been drooling over the carbon for quite some time. 
So onto my stupid set up question…My speakers are the same so would the Xover and phase settings on the Carbon be the same as what I had on the S/510?




I’d highly doubt it.  Too many new variables but who knows, might be a good starting point. 

agree with'll be a good starting point.  And this means you get to play with the settings and experiment a bit while enjoying the new sub :)

@samgupta101 @soix

Thanks for the responses. I started with the same settings and had to dial everything back and flip the phase to zero. There’s a HUGE difference from the S/510. This thing really pressurizes the room!


I moved from 812s to specials- and you will need to start from scratch unfortunately. You are in for a treat- don't assume same position of prior sub- move it around a bit (if you can) to settle on final position. I expect you to dial down a bit since amp/sub is more powerful.