REL Base Line Blue

I have a REL B1, is anyone using the REL base line blue cable and can you explain the difference (improvements) if any over the stock cable.  Sure it looks better, but can you tell a difference for the price? 

I am a believer in upgrading cables to a point.  I have Transparent, Shunyata, etc and Wilson Watt Puppies.
So decent gear that can reveal subtle differences in cables.  
Thank you 
First off, I must note that I've never heard the B1 nor the Bassline, BUT... I have a B2, and I always thought it is an average sub until I replaced its stock power cord and cable with the custom-made pieces. The bass started to sound just as it should, tight and defined, and the integration with my system became very easy. So, in my case the difference was obvious.
I have a Rel B3 and the original cable is pure [email protected] On a lark I ordered custom a Nordost Baseline and the attack and decay really came to life. I've seen and heard the Rel Baseline but it was with a S9 with nothing to compare to. Being a copper cable is has to be a lot better.