Rel B2 or JL Audio f 112

I need help with my set up.
I have Paradigms Studio 20v5 and i want to add subwoofer.
Now, here is dilemma. Should I go with REL B2 or JL f112.
I was told that i would need external crossover for JL's but than
i also heard that i don't need one. My room is 17"x11"x9".
Please, any information would be greatly appreciated.
REL B2 and JL both have high and low pass filters. Either product will extend low end of the Studio 20v5.

REL B2 implemented in my HT system and I have experimented with my two channel system.
Why not use a Paradigm Sub12,it's voiced to work with the Studio series.Just a thought.
for what the Sub would cost I would sell your 20's and look for a used set of Paradigm Sig 8's. Man, Paradigm makes such great speakers for the money.

If you really want a sub, I agree with TP, go with one set up to match your speakers. Paradigm makes great subs.

Shoot what am I saying, I own a Rel I need to tell you to buy a Rel.

Have owned 4 different REL subs, they are the best. Paradigm subs are not even close.
I love my Rel B1, I do think it's the best all around sub I have owned, and I have tried a bunch or them.

But Audiofreak, have you owned a Paradigm, and used it with Paradigm speakers? There really is something to be said about synergies with certain gear that was designed together.

I do agree about the Rel's though, they are super flexible, and extremely easy to set up. I finally set mine on an Auralex platform and I was shocked that it actually made a difference.
Rels seem to blend spectacularly well with main speakers when set up right. JL's have always sounded very muscular in my experience which is great fun. I don't know how well they blend with mains.

These are sufficiently expensive that if you have room for full range speakers that would be an interesting alternative.
One question and one "answer"
First this is the first time I've heard of voicing a sub to match mains. Seems a bit of a contradiction?

As for the F112 I have found that I cant tel the difference between my receiver crossover and the onboard. I bought the F112 as I thought it seemed to work better than the REL but at the most this is a likely subtle thing with room and placement playing. Anyway the JL crossover seems to work fine.
Paul,why would it be a contriction to to voice a sub to mains?Most manufacturers who offer all types of speakers do this.
I adore my sub 12. Amazing clarity and accuracy at a fraction of the cost. I haven't even used the PBK yet.
TP: I've always assumed that the sub carries little if any voice content. My understanding was that the voicing that "mattered" was the fronts and center to accommodate any dialog sweeping across the front. So I guess I am assuming that the sub carries different content than the fronts and center so matching was not an issue. I run my system crossed over for the sub at 80Hz and my fronts to Large and I cant really notice any difference beyond the obvious lack of LFE with the sub off.

Hmm. have to think on this. Learn something new every day eh?
Paul...I was not refering to voice as in speaking.Voicing audio equipment refers to things working together cohesively.You can certainly use different brands and they will work together.
I had a Paradigm Seismic 12 and found it to be good as a movie "boombox" but not even worth considering for integration with my 2-channel system for music listening (using Thiel CS5i's for main speakers). I do agree that Paradigm makes excellent speakers, but this sub was obviously designed to be used strictly as an LFE channel sub in HT applications.

I replaced it with a REL Stadium III which was designed for 2-channel integration with music sources. After a ton of experimentation with positioning, crossover settings, gain settings, and, most importantly, adding massive sealed bass traps from floor-to-ceiling in the front corners, I finally got the REL to integrate (nearly) seamlessly with my Thiels.

Additions of a Synergistic Research Tesla REL Spec II hi level cable, cones spikes, and a heavy gauge power cord with Rhodium plugs made further improvements in the REL's performance in my system. It now adds a proper yet subtle bass foundation to the Thiels and magically enhances the soundstage depth, layering, and realism, which has proved to be addictive.

I have only heard the JL Audio subs in dealer demos but they seem to be excellent subs. The advantage of the REL in some 2-channel music applications is that they use a hi-level interconnect from the power amps left/right speaker outputs directly to the sub, eliminating the crossover in the main speaker signal path. This works well with speakers that already have a strong bass frequency response that requires no equalization to provide the desired tonal balance in your system. I suspect that the crossover/equalizer in the JL Audio subs would be beneficial to main speakers that need substantial bass reinforcement and/or have problematic bass linearity issues where room treatments are not an acceptable solution.

Paul...I was not refering to voice as in speaking.Voicing audio equipment refers to things working together cohesively.You can certainly use different brands and they will work together.
thanks TP that makes more sense. I clearly misunderstood. cheers

THANKS for all opinions. I decided to go with JL f112.
I have Class D Power Amp and it's not recommended to use
REL hook-up (speak-on) cable. Just one more question.
Do I need separate crossover for JL's or I can run interconnects directly from Preamp using JL's onboard
Crossover. On their site separate crossover is recommended.
Thanks again and Happy upcoming holidays.
Interconnects into the JL and adjust the crossover freq and slopes on the JL. Run the ARO prior to setting the crossover/slope points.There's a level adjustment on the panel also if needed.
I am in a similar situation looking to grab an F112. Slight difference is I went with the new paradigm signature s2's. I dont like the sound of some of the tower speakers so I wanted monitors. Now I need to fill in some low end.

Using integra 9.8, 3 2 channel bryston st amps (2bst,3bst and 4bst) for center, surrounds and fronts (respectively).

I planned on using the balanced outputs for the 4bst and then the rca's to the f112 (just one for now) and adjusting the cutoff frequencies on the f112 and either letting the sig s2s run full range (no issues) or setting the integra to send just 40 and above to those.