REL Arrow Wireless vs. Wired Connection

Has anyone used the REL Arrow wireless device for subwoofer connection and made comparisons against the stock wired connection?

I like the idea of no cable but wonder if there are tradeoffs-- timing/latency or other factors.


Giving this a bump so it doesn't get lost and still looking for anyone with experience with the wireless sub setup.
I have plenty of experience with the wired versions, and wish they'd make a retro fitted wireless thing for these. I'll wait here with you for specific responses…waiting…looking at my watch…OK then…I'll be back in a couple of hours….
I actually have a system with 2 REL subs - one is wired, the other via their wireless system.  I asked REL if that would be problematic and they said no.  They (REL) also said that the wireless connection is actually higher performing than via wire. They claim it is the highest performing connection they offer.  I don't know why this is, but can accept that it is certainly not introducing any latency or timing distortions.  Overall, I'm pretty happy w/ the S-3 sub and their wireless system.  
Thanks for the report on your wireless setup. Your sub uses the newer Longbow wireless, which REL says is faster, I have the T series that uses the Arrow system. Wonder if your experience would translate to the T series.