REL and VA Bach's

Just received my REL Storm III and after my first crack at dialing it in, I ended up with a crossover setting of 36HZ and hi level gain around 1:30 on the dial. My amp is an Odyssey stratos stereo. I believe the Bach's listed bottom end is 38Hz.
Curious about where others have their crossover set at.
I tracked down REL's recommended test track and am going to try again and see what the results are.
There is usually is a gap between the sub setting and the speakers with a REL set for 2 channel audio. Many have a wider gap. So you are on the right track.
My Rel Strata fell in at 43 hz with a volume setting at about 12 oclock. That's with Thiel 1.6's (bottom at 40 hz). I'm sure that the room and the sub's position in the room affects the setting.
I have spica angelus (no idea on the specs) large floorstanders with a recessed bass that goes very deep but not so loud. My REL strata is set to 27Hz and about 2pm on the volume. Room is about 9ft by 10ft.
I have my REL Q201E dialed in at around 31 hz with the volume around 2PM with my Vandersteen 2CE Signatures. I had my REL Storm III dialed in at 39 hz with the volume around 1PM when I had it paired with B&W N803's.

I think that part of this has to do with your own personal preference and what you have been exposed to in as far as bass response is concerned. Some may find my setup too bass heavy, those who have monitor speakers as an example, and some may find my system too bass shy, those who have large ProAc or Legacy speakers as an example. I am of the belief that what we are accustomed to will determine how we set the subwoofer up in the system, more so with our volume settings than the crossover setting.

Whatever makes you happy is the correct setting.