REL 212/SE

Hello Folks,

I am looking for your feedback on REL 212/SE sub. I currently own a pair of REL B1's in my HT setup. Due to recent additions in my HT setup, I lost the space for second sub. So I was thinking about selling my B1's and get one powerful sub.

Some of you may say, why not just sell one B1 and keep the other. I have been spoiled with 2 subs and one sub is just not 'enough' in my dedicated room (30'W x 18'D). The B1's are rated 500W each.

I would like to get Gotham g213 but can't afford it. The new sub will be paired with my B&W 800D2's.

Thank you for your time.
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Why not get a B&W sub?
I am not 100% convinced about DB1 being in the same league as Gotham or 212/SE.

I have read couple of good reviews on DB1, let's see if I can find a way to audition one.
I can't argue with your logic. A demo is extremely important. I don't trust reviews, good or bad. I was just thinking it would be the best match for your speakers. I've had B&W subs that I used in an all B&W system, and they did work well. But it was a while back and several generations prior to what you have.
I heard the REL 212-SE recently at a demo for some other speakers. I came away from the demo wanting a pair of REL's myself. In the demo, only 1 REL was used with the pair of speakers..and it handled itself quite impressively.
"I came away from the demo wanting a pair of REL's myself".....Thank you for your feedback.
Just a suggestion, but you might want to look at the Seaton Submersive. Made by Mark Seaton, two 15 inch speakers and 2400 watts. Just google it for more info. I own two and love them.
I Googled Seaton and there is nothing there. Their website is under construction. Not much info on their "forum".
Same here. Not much info on Seaton or REL 212/SE.

I am leaning towards JL Audio f112vs2 or f113v2. The earlier version got rave reviews all around.
Here is a link that provides more info on the Seaton Submersive.
Thank you!
Try a Rel G1 or G2........
I know a fella had the JL audio F212 and rel G1 and he ditched the JL and kept the Rel. Way more refined and I think how the Rel hooks up just can't be beat......