REL 12" Carbon vs JL Audio 12" Fathom

I decided to make a new thread on this.  Plenty of people love both of these.  I am looking for two new 12" high end musical subs for two channel audio.  I am familiar with and LOVE the REL Carbon Limited's. The New Carbon Specials are supposed to be even better.  But now I am looking at the JL Audio Fathom F112v2's.  Because they have EQ that would be great for my boomy basement.  I want: 12", super musical and fast for high end audio.  I also want EQ. But are the JL's as musical as the REL's?  We are truly comparing similar spots in each company's line...12" sealed, $4000 list.  Would love to hear from folks who have compared...Happy Holidays!  Ken
Ken, Everyone’s ears are different, but mine like realistically strong and even bass. I listen to lots of different stuff, including a good amount of orchestral classical music.

I’ve been using a pair of JL Audio F112 for 15 years now, and I have no complaints with the sound. They integrate beautifully, and you can’t tell where the bass is coming from.

To integrate a sub properly, EQ is needed in most (if not all) rooms. I don’t know if the REL has much, but the F112v2 has a lot better EQ than the F112v1 subs I have. It doesn’t matter to me, because I use digital EQ in the preamp to EQ the bass, but if you don’t have some form of good adjustable EQ, you will never get optimal performance from subs. So I’d vote for the Fathoms. They are damn good subwoofers!

Happy holidays to you, too!
Thanks mike,
Yes I think I do need the EQ in the Subs.
I appreciate your response!  Ken
The JL v2 has room optimization, no idea how well it works. SVS subs do as well. 
Don't overlook this one:

It's only a preview of a review but I've seen one speaker manufacturer use this style/approach in one of their speakers (built in at the base of the speaker) at an audio show and it made some deep and credible base.

Here is their website as well:

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Thanks nonoise those are very interesting!
I had not come across them before!  Ken
OP, did you make a decision on REL vs JL?
Hi Krenooo6, 
I just purchased and received a pair of the REL Carbon Specials.  Very Happy  I was able to change the position and smooth out the booming issue I was having.  I set them ujp with the REL Air Ship wireless, which makes trying different positions a breeze.  Moved them away from inboard of my speakers pointing straight at me, and put them in far corners angled into the space.  Seems to give the sound more room to spread out and less immediate reflection points right back at them.  Anyway, happy with my purchase of the REL's.  Ken