Rekokut Turntable model NL 33H...Anyone Familiar with this model ?

I did some research but there was very little info...I would appreciate your input.
Is it 33 or 78 speed ?
Thank you
if you go to vinyl engine you can get all the info you want on this
I have a restored a vintage Rek-O-Kut N-33H turntable. My Uncle got hold of it from a radio station and gave it to my Dad in 1969 or so. Dad used it until about 1976 when it got retired to the garage.

I restored this one about 20 years ago. N33 decks absolutely require a motor rebuild or replace. Check the spindle for excessive play - the factory tolerances on these units was "generous". I replaced all electronic components and internal wiring Looks beautiful.

It plays well, but it’s a little noisy by today’s standards although it’s much better than when I worked on it. I have kept the original tonearm (rewired) and use it for original mono LPs. If you have it by all means use it. If you are looking to buy I think the Thorens TD-121 is a better deck for about the same amount of money. Or look for one of the Rodine (idler-drive) models, which can be made to outperform the N33 (IMO). While they are hard to make competitive with the Thorens TD-124 or the Garrard 301/401 they are great looking vintage decks and will please all but the most discriminating vintage audiophile.