Rekokut Rondine 3 vs. Merill AR es1 replica

These 2 current turntables are belt drive and have tonearms with detachable headshells, enabling a hassle free change of cartridges, Both are around $1500. I would like opinions as to the relative merit of both these TTs. Many thanks.
The first big decision is if you need 78rpm. The Rekokut has is; the Merill doesn't.
Dear Maxh: Nope, I don't need 78rpm; just easy cartridge exchange so as to utilize the many phonocarts I have which have never been used. The above 2 models are equiped with Jelco 250 TAs.....Of course, there is always the Technics SL 1200 which is sky high in its pricing these days!
Boofer, Do you already own the two turntables and are you trying to choose which one to sell, or are you making a de novo buying decision? I just wondered where the reference to the SL1200 comes from; it seemed to come out of the clear blue sky, since the SL1200 is so different from the two you named originally. I don't know what is the cost of an SL1200 these days, but you would have a wide choice of vintage Japanese direct-drives at very reasonable cost, if such a tt suits your audio palate. And of course a Jelco or the like can be affixed to most any turntable you might like.
Lewm: your point is well taken. I do not own either of said turntables, and it seems no one really is familiar with them; therefore, in a decision to purchase a turntable which allows easy cartridge exchange, I thought of the Technics SL 1200II, which leads one to also consider many of the older vintage Japanese direct drive units as well, as you stated. This is where I am now. The SL1200 can be purchased used for $300 on up to over $2000 refurbished. I initially wished to purchase a new model, however. My chief TTS include an RP8 with Ortofon Cadenza red and vintage Thorens TD 125II, which has a Shure V15III cartridge with essentially unused MR stylus. I have over 10 other cartridges which I would like to get some use out of utilizing the convenience of universal headshells.