REK O KUT turntable idler wheels ???

I would like to hear the experiences that people have had with replacement idler wheels on old broadcast turntables.....REK O KUT  T-12, T-43 and that vintage.......I am rebuilding several of them and the experience of others that have rebuilt these would be valuable..............If you don't have first hand experience, please don't respond........THANKS 

This guy is on EBay and carries new idlers for a few different models.

There is a vendor in Italy that makes idlers for a few different models too.
I asked him for an Idler on a Presto. 

A LOT of the idler parts are interchangeable with Rek-o-kut, Empire, Russco, QRK, Sparta, 412 Fairchild, Harris, Gates and Presto.

I'll hunt that up for you too, he use to be on EBay, but I knew him before there was an internet.. His son now I think, maybe a grandson. He would be about 550 years old now, he was 500 years old 50 years ago. :-)

I had 2 16" cutters one Presto and one Rek-o-Nut that I keep going for 20+ years..  I just liked my Fairchild 750 better

I had 25 made for rim drive Russcos when there were no CnC that I knew of. I paid 20.00 each and the guy turned all of them out in 3 or 4 night after work for me.. He set them up for O-Rings and you just had to find a quiet piece of rope, index, glue and polish the rope. I used BR, Silicone, natural rubber, neoprene, and Nitrile. Softer silicone rope is still my favorite.

There is a guy here on AG that is a machinist. billwojo PM him see what he thinks? He has a few neat little rim drive projects going.. 

Russco and Gates I think.. Maybe Harris..

Don't we all :-)