I am rebuilding several Old School Rek O Kut T-43  turntables and I will need to get the 78 idler wheels....These turntables can use either 45 or 78 idlers on the same spindle.......I really need new idlers , not rebuilt .....If you have first hand knowledge of this I would like your idea's on this ??  In fact if you have knowledge of any of these old Rek O Kut turntables, like the T-12, T-16, T-43, and even the turntables that were used for cutting records...........THANKS
I have two Rek-O-Kuts on hand! A belt-drive and a rim drive! Both are quite substantial TTs with robust motors and heavy platters. The rim drive uses a lever mechanism that shifts the motor itself so that the rubber drive wheel is not in contact with the platter when not in use. This prevents flat spots from developing in the rubber - a bane of rim drives!
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