Rejoice, it's not just us

Verbage discussing a triathlon training aid. I think this stuff must be canned and you just edit in your product.

from slowtwitch tri forum:
The combination of acoustic vibrational waves and electromagnetic fields modulating together create phonon tunneling, scalar wave propagation and quantum harmonic oscillators as standing waves in the crystalline lattice structure of the Superhuman Performance Encoder’s piezoelectric ceramic disk.

This then creates permanent displacement of the atoms to align with the standing waves forming in the crystalline lattice, through the quantum phonon effect. The form of these standing waves exactly duplicate the complex sound waves introduced and the electromagnetic modulation of these waves align the magnetic fields in the Encoder’s piezoelectric ceramic disk to the same shape as the acoustic waves.

When brought in contact with an athlete’s body, this new altered structure of the lattice (the Superhuman Performance Encoder disk) induces changes in brainwave function and autonomic nervous system function through its action as a coupled oscillator within the athlete’s body.

The result is a sustained synchronicity of the sympathetic and parasympathetic components of the autonomic nervous system into the state of homeostasis’commonly referred to by athletes as being in “The Zone”.