Reissue of Threshold S350e?

Anyone knows anything about threshold these days? cuz i saw information from the official site showing that threshold is relaunching the model s350e, is that real? i also see that someone selling it online and says it is brand-new one.
Official offshore Chinese knockoff with specs less comperable to the original. by Threshold's new owners..
Damn! Those Chinese-built units look very nice. This would seem to be a pretty good way to have Threshold quality at sane prices...

specs are the same as the originals. but the quality of component parts may be an issue if coming from China.
The specs are not the same, and neither is the performance.
Food for thought, what had held it's value better; the original Threshold Stasis amps or later Nakamichi stasis amps?
Looking at my 90s owners manual and the auction they are IDENTICAL, just 2 lbs lighter. Dunno what you're talking about. Never said they performed the same.
Out of curiosity I looked at the e-bay auction for these Chinese-made Thresholds. The photos showed wire nuts on some of the internal wiring!!! Good luck with the "quality" aspect of that. I will stick with old Made in USA as opposed to new junk.
Different input sensitivity, input impedance, and less power into lower impedance loads.
I think Wonderfulsound is up to something here. The only posts made under this ID are Threshold related specifically to the S350e. That and they are hailing from HK. Methinks they are trying to get more viewership to their grey market Threshold S350 "reissue". To Wonderfulsound if that isn't the case I apologize in advance.
Well said J stereo..........
Saw the wire nuts too!!! My Threshold 350e internals DO NOT look like that!!!!
^^^ neither do mine