Reissue KT88 ?

Looking to upgrade my stock tube in my Vac 160i; any tubes that come close in reliability and sound quality? The JJ Blue glass may be to warm and others have mentioned the GL but are there others with the same sonic signature of the Shuguang KT88 SC?

I'm behind the curb with all the latest technology in vacuum tubes...

Hi Wig

If you like the Shuguang KT88 SC check out the Penta Labs KT88 tubes. I believe they are the same in structure but better tested. Check out Doug's Tubes on the interwebs for more details.

Thanks for your advice.
Wig, I had a Vac Avatar Super and tried a number of different KT88. The best I found were the genelex reissues and they were IMO much better than the Shuguang.