Reissue EL34, Mullard vs. JJ

Anyone who have personal experience with these reissue tubes? How well are they compared to their older classic tubes? Are these tubes still being manufactured by their original maker? Which one sounded better Mullard or JJ?
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I have experience with both, neither is made by it's original maker, the Mullard being Russian and the JJ made on the former Tesla tooling.

IMHO, the JJ E34L (they also make an EL34 and a KT77) is an excellent tube with some reported quality control issues. Fantastic sound, but perhaps not the equal of the older Tesla tubes. I have always preferred the blue glass versions, but this may be a case of self-hypnosis.

The orginal Mullards were made in several different versions, they sound richer and fuller - or slower and softer - whatever your frame of reference is, than the reissues. Which will be good.....or bad...depending on what you are looking for.

Of the two, I prefer the JJ, but could easily see someone else preferring the Mullard Reissue.

The Gold Lion KT-77 reissue, which is a direct substitution for the EL34, though it is a beam power tube, is absolutely fantastic and may be the best tube of this type ever made. I say "may be" as I have not had the pleasure of hearing the, extremely rare, originals.

I have to also say that I am uncomfortable with calling these tubes "Mullard" and "Gold Lion" since neither the original tooling nor workers are used. For that matter, it is most likely that the metallurgy is different as well. You can call anything by any name, but that does not really make the thing what you are calling it.

Good luck in the hunt and happy listening.
I 2nd the Gold Lion KT-77 reissue. Very good and reliable!
I just asked pretty much the same question. I tried some loner Fatboy tubes NOS (6CA7), and I went through all the sets of EL 34 tubes I had on hand. I wound up purchasing some NOS Mullard EL 34's.

Another tube that impressed me was some Winged C EL 34's. Other than the Mullards I bought, these were the next-best sounding tubes.

Good luck,
I need to add to my previous post, I also have reissue Gold Lion KT 77's, they would be no.3 on my list, but are not nearly as good as the NOS Mullards.

Agree with Dan. The Winged C's are very good. Just bought a quad.
Thank you all for the great input. Maybe I should put what will sound best in Manley Neo Classic 250. That's a costly 20 tubes. Looking for the best bang for my buck. It comes with the Electro harmonix stock.
The JJs are fine sounding tubes and it helps if you have a company like Tubedepot select pairs or quartets. I've had great luck with them. But to my ears the best of the current EL34s are the EH 6CA7s for power, dynamics and bass capability. These came stock in my Snappers and I wouldn't think of swapping them out for another brand/model.