Reinhard Wieschhoff R.I.P.

My good friend Dr. J.F.Jackson just informed me of these sad news......

On August 25th, as on many other days, Reinhard Wieschhoff drove to Rambouillet
station and took the RATP to Paris. When he did not return that evening,
his wife became concerned and rang the police. He had suffered a massive
heart attack in the city. Help was not in enough time to prevent him
from suffering serious brain damage. His life support machines were
turned off on Friday, September 3rd. The cremation will take place this
Friday, September 10th.

It was a shocking end for a man who, in his entire life, had never had a
serious illness, was never hospitalised, and was a very fit 70 year old.

He will be remembered as one of the leading tuner designers in Europe,
having worked for Klein + Hummel (where he was responsible for the
FM2002), Restek (the FM3003) and latterly for the Automotive Division of
Philips. He was nicknamed 'The Pope of Tuners..'

One of the last truly great audio dedicated designers has left this sphere.