Reiner RCA "Sheherazade" LP

Is it as rare as it seems? The Classic reissues are all gone, and an old one just sold on eBay for 83 dollars! I want one, but I can't find one. I'm willing to pay 40, but can't go higher. Any tips? Any sellers?
The reissues come up from time to time - just have to be patient, but it's not likely you'll get a VG+ or better original for $40. There IS a sealed Classic reissue available in Ebay stores right now for $49.95. Search Google occasionally in addition to Ebay.

You should also read this section from Arthur Salvatore's website before making a purchase:
i think you can backorder it at
Hi - Don't know why the clickable link got truncated in my previous post. Here it is again:

If this one still doesn't take you there directly, look for the actual link titled "RIMSKY-KORSAKOFF/SCHEHERAZADE-THE FAMOUS RECORDINGS" about 10 lines down from the top of where my previous post took you.
Hey thanks guys. I just bought the one Opalchip referred me to on eBay ($49.95). It was a bit beyond my budget, but at least I'll know it's pristine vinyl. And thanks for the link to Arthur Slavatore's website--I've already learned a bunch! BTW, Kublakahn, I spoke with Acoustic Sounds, and they told me the 200 gram Classic Records reissues will be discontinued, and Classic will re-press their whole catalogue on 180 gram. But there's no telling when that particular title will come out. I do own the Pavel Kogan Sheherazade that Classic produced a few years ago on 200 gram vinyl. It's quite good, but I've heard so much about the Reiner I had to hear it for myself.