Reimyo DAP 777 vs Audio Logic MXL 24 vs Extremo

I have read these and other forums for weeks about the DACs I am considering. I would be very interested to find out some opinions from owners or people who have compared the Reimyo DAP 777, Audio Logic MXL 24, NorthStar Extremo DAC (brand new model). I will be making a decision in the near future. I won't have a chance to audition the units and have tried to research as much as possible. Any help will be greatly appreciated. I will be going to a computer based system and need to decide on a great DAC to use. Thanks for your assistance.
The Audio Logic DAC with the proper tubes is a little more musical in the mid range then the NorthStar model 192 IMO. I have not heard the Reimyo. The AL DACs come and go on Agon for pretty good used prices and seem to hold their value at these prices also.

Happy Listening.