Reimyo DAP 777 - looking for a good transport

I bought a used Reimyo DAP 777 and I'm amazed. Some months ago I was lucky to have lived with the one box CDP 777 for a few days - which I cannot afford. The CDP sounds even more natural and organic, but the DAC offers tremendous value as you manage to get a good fraction of the one box player performance for a lot less money ...

I'm using it with my 508.24 Meridian cd player while I don't get a dedicated transport.

Which transports shoud I consider? CEC? Audio Note? What about the old Wadia's or Teac? I have also the chance of getting a Procee CDD ...

Any insights are warmly welcome :o)

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I never heard the Dap-777, so it is pretty hard to recommend a transport. If you review for those of us who have not heard it, we could make a more lucid recommendation.
A CEC TL-1X or 2X with a Stereovox HDX2 AES/EBU cable would be nice.

have you tried the Stereovox HDX2 already? How good is it? Is it much better than the less expensive hdvx?
regarding the CEC, I had a TL-1X at home, but the unit was defective and "died" 15 minutes I turned it on ... anyway I'm looking for something more affordable. Do you think the new TL-51x is much inferior to the TL-2x?


here goes a short description:
The Reimyo DAC shares the attributes of the CDP. One can speak of its speed, detail. About how transparent it sounds and how dense, large and focused it soundstage is. But, imo, what's most important is how it manages to make sense of the music. It sounds extremely LUCID.

As it is so transparent, I think it will show clearly the character of the auxiliary equipment - digital cable and transport for this purpose.

I listen mainly to chamber and ancient music (Baroque, Renaissance, middle age). This kind of music is very demanding. It is sinuous, subtle and full of contrasts. The transport should cope with this demands ...

Vermeer, having heard both the Reimyo CDP 777 and the dac, I can only recommend selling the DAC and buying the CDP777. But you could buy a Denon 3910 and get a universal player while using its digital out into the Reimyo dac.
This doesn't answer your question however if you could pick up a used MBL 1531 CDP, or can afford the cost of a new one, in my mind would be the way to go. Sounds extremely good!
Vemeer, I had a CEC TL-1 for six years, feeding a Levinson dac. Very analogue sounding, maybe a little soft in the bass. Two months ago the CEC showed signs of needing a laser assembly, so I sold it A'gon with the warning it needs a laser. Replaced the CEC with Accustic Arts D1 transport and now I can used balanced digital to the DCS Purcell and balanced to the Levinson. The digital cabling is Stereovox HDX2. The sound is stellar, liquid, smooth and very transparent. If there is any way you can try the AA D1 in your system, I think this would be a good voicing match.
Hi Vermeer,
I currently run an Orchid balanced and talked to Chris Sommovigo about his Stereovox HDX2.
He mentioned that it's a more stable and precise cable with simpler construction, I'm gonna try one of these.
I'm also borrowing a Virtual Dynamics Master balanced digital cable tomorrow to compare with my Orchid.
As far as CEC transports, I would much rather have the TL-2X, it's built like a tank and mods can take it to another level.
I have the same DAC, love it as well. I am actually thinking of using a Sony SACD-1 for my transport. Currently I am using a Meridian 588 and a Cal Audio Labs CL-10 as transports. Great sound but I know these are lacking. My other thought was to try a Levinson 30.5, dCS, ora Wadia 27. I am going to try to audition these over the next few months so I will let you know what I think worked well. What is your budget? I would like to keep in touch about this with you. Although we listen to different music, I bet the "sound" we are both looking for is the same.
How do you DAP777 owners like it? Can you compare it to anything we would know? How much is it new/used? Are there any Reimyo dealers in the USA? Thanks
I am using my Reimyo DAP777 since six mounths ,it is a great
dac, I had Vecteur L4.2 cd player being transport though it was a good match between vecteur and my old Chord dac64
I could not get same magic with Reiyo and Vecteur this combo
gave me too much flat, forward and dynamic presentation
I have listened ML39 (which is my friend s player)feeding
Reimyo this combo was perfect, my friend and I never heard
such an organic,texturel analog like presentation before.
Now I am using Audionet Art V2 transport, it really has a good synergy and I am happy with the result but some times I miss a bit punchy and crispy tones dont know this is because of my SET amplification or Audionet is a bit too soft?
I may easily live with this combo being happy but perhaps
because of the upgrade bugs or remembering ML,Reimyo combo
sound I am still in research for a best matched transport with Reimyo( I will even try a Pioneer universal player this week)so please lets share our experience in either this topic or mailing.
Pardales, The price new just went from $4495 to $5200 in part of the sagging US dollar overseas. Harmonix also just released upgraded units. Cosmeticaly they are identical they just added the same tuning feet as on the CDP-777. They also improved the PCB design to make the signal flow better, added a 1.5 meter Harmonix PC and some other internal changes I am not aware of but the total wieght of the newer version is 11.5 lbs and the older version was 10 lbs. Audio Limits is an Authorized dealer and May Audio is the US/Canada Distributor
Pardales, I listen mostly to vocalists and the detail and warmth of the human voice is very hard to get just right. To get the detail I have always used silver speaker cables. These all were a little bright with and DAC I used. The detail was awesome but every once in a while I would just wince. With the Reimyo DAP777 DAC, it is perfect. I have all the detail I want with great warmth and soundstage. I spent $2800 for a demo and it is the best money I have spent. I can't quite put my finger on it why it all works but I can't wait to listen to music anytime I am home.
Thank you both for responding to me. It sounds like the DAP777 is very transport dependent? Not that all DAC's aren't somewhat, but is this one particularly sensitive? Thanks
Does the new DAP have the K2 chip like the CDP? I think it is at the root of the excellence of the CDP.
Esoteric transports could be a choice to feed your DPA777
I have been using the DAP-777 with a Teac Esoteric P-10, which is the baby brother of the famous P-2. IMHO the Teac transports are great for any DAC, and the DAP-777 is no exception.

I have been wondering whether the better sound of the CDP (haven't heard it, just read about it) is due more to the transport or to its 2nd-generation K2 dac (24 bit resolution vs 20 bit).
First of all, thank you all for your informative feedback :o)

Regarding the CDP vs DAP
I had both at home. I'm a friend of the Portuguese distributor of Reimyo and as we presented it in an audioshow, I had it at home for a few days.
The CDP changed what I believed was possible getting from the redbook. It's awesome.

It's not strightforward to compare the CDP with the DAP as I did some changes no the setup since then, but I would say the CDP sounds even more natural and organic, but the DAP appears to sound more visceral and with more immediacy (but the CDP was brand new).

Regarding the price, the new CDP costs 14000 Euro here ... I got the used DAP for a 1500 Euro. I could afford the latter, not the former ...
So, Tbj, you see my point?


I heard good things about the audionet and found someone selling the Art V1 - do you know how it compares to the V2?

to all:
I know of someone who will sell a Denon DP-S1 ( ... I bet this and the Reimyo would be - i guess - a "dream team". How much would be thr market value of one of these?

I would consider an Audio Note transport. I think it would be a good match.
Vermeer, I do indeed see your point. I have always wondered why the DAP is so cheap. Certainly you cannot say that about any other Reimyo gear, not that I am suggesting that the CDP, the preamp, or my amp are overpriced considering what you get. I am struggling to find out how I can afford the CDP. I have the Exemplar 3910 and doubt if the DAP can rival it, but I know the CDP can.
Tpg, I own the Reimyo CDP and have auditioned the DAP and to my ears you get 70% of the CDP it is that good. Never had the oppurtunity to give the Exempler 3910 a listen but 70% of the Reimyo CDP is not bad for a third of the price of the CDP.
Faziod, I agree about the price, but I do not lust after the DAP. I have had the dCS and the EMM and am happy to just have my Exemplar 3910, but I still lust after the CDP777.
I think the main benefit of CDP777 sound difference to the DAP777 is thanks to transport section (including some tweaks
about AC noise filters)of CDP777. You can do some tests on JVC
XRCD discs 20 bit and 24 bit recorded and you can not hear
certain differencies between them due 20 or 24 bit chip used
at the recording process.
Vermeer, I could not listen Audionet ART V1 so I can not comment about it but Art V2 is a really good partner with
DAP 777. If you read a review about CDP777 in
reviewer was own ART V2 and DAP 777 combo raving this combo
and write his review about CDP777 but never compare it with
his existing combo?!!...
I have same guess with you about Denon transport it should be a good partner but how much its cost?
Audio Net transports would be nice match too.
Last weekend I tested Pioneer universal feeding DAP 777 but
no chance my ART V2 is in another level now I am just trying
to replace my AC splitter for my front end with a better one
hoping to add a tad crispness to my sound which is only my small caveat.
Analogkid I believe your Teac P 10 is great partner with DAP777 but I wonder how much its price ?
I think if the total price of transport,dac,two powercords,
one digital cable comes to near or higher than CDP777
why we struggle with such a matching trouble?
Best regards
Me too!
Dear Mr. Vermeer,

A nice transport for you would be if you could find a lightly used Sonic Frontiers SFT-1. Something new on the scene that seems to be gaining a good reputation is April Music's Stello CDT-200 transport. I wish you all the best!
I got the P-10 used on audiogon about 1.5 years ago - for $400! (no remote however) Once in a while you see them up for sale, usually for a little higher. The P-2 sometimes shows up on audiogon for around $2000 (new price was $4000). I think 50% discount is too low for a 10+ year old transport.

I used to use an early 90s Pioneer stable-platter-mechanism CD player as a transport, these are very good as well, but I think the Teacs are even better. You can get the Pioneers (PD-65) for very cheap on audiogon - I think around $300.

Thanks Ben for comment about 24-bit vs 20-bit.

Tbg: how does the Meitner compare to Reimyo? I still haven't heard it yet.
Analogkid, my experience with the Meitner Dac6 predates their new transport. I have yet to hear this new transport in any good circumstance, but internet posts suggest it is substantially better than the old Phillips SACD1000 with mods.

Again I have yet to buy the Reimyo, so you see I really cannot answer your question.

I once had the only TEAC P1 transport for 110 volts in the US. It still lives with the guy who bought it seven years ago. They do hold up.
Analogkid ,thankyou for your feedback about Teac transports
maybe it will be out of the main subject but I would like
to tell you one update for my digital ring, yesterday I plugged Omtec power controller (it is a noise filter for digital equipments and can be attached to the outlet,I have been tried it with my old cd players and have been preffered
not to use it with them it has some advantages but some negatives too. I am not sure but maybe cd players have both digital and analog sections feeding from same filtered AC line was the reason that I was not able to hear what I want to with this Omtec )now my Audionet V2 transport with Omtec
and Reimyo have the most analog like sound I have ever heard
and honestly my transport searching for Reimyo is over now
I suspect Reimyo cdp777 is also using such kind digital filter in transport section too.
I thank you every one.
Tbg, I found a cached google webpage with a Reimyo ALS-777 power conditioner for sale - was this you? Would appreciate comments on this piece - I currently use a shunyata hydra.

Quick answer. Yes, it is excellent, but I bought the IsoClean system.
The choice has been done. An Audionet Art V2 will be my next transport. Impressive in its neutrality and precision. Sounds as solid as it looks! It outperfomerd clearly a CEC TL-1x I also had at home ...

Ben, which connection (AES/EBU, BNC, coax) and cable are you using, as you own the same combo?

Vermeer, congratulations for your choice, Art V2 is really good transport and with Reimyo dac there is a perfect synergy
if you are not using any line conditioner or power cleaner
at your ac line (which I do not like to use any for my amplification and Reimyo) just try to plug Omtec power controller for Art V2 (almost 200 Euros )it will make the Art V2 a state of art transport cost no object.
As for the cabling,I am using Virtual Dynamics Revelation series cables through all my setup, I highly recommend these cables they are unbelievable, Master series are also perfect if cost is object, I use VD Revelation coaxial cable which
one and RCA (for the transport) and the other end is BNC (Dac input)terminated Rick produces such termination if you
ask him.(I have choseen RCA termination at input end just because it is not important BNC termination on transport outs and there is no guarantee for every brand transports
obtain BNC digital outs but all have RCA exactly.)
Which kind of rackor cones you use for your setup?

I would consider a Wadia 270se transport.

thank you :o)
I'm using a massive and long table with two short feet. The table (and it's feet) is made of 5 cm thick and it works really nice. For the DAC I use it's own cones; for the transport I will try the Ceraballs when the transport arrives as they have always produced great results with my CDP/Transports; on the amp (Sugden masterclass) I use RDC cones ...

best regards,
Tomer, I just ordered a Wadia 270se and am going to listen to it with my Reimyo, then have it modified by Steve at GNS. I will let all know how this unit worked and what improvement I see.

Get a Victor XL-Z900...its basically a Reimyo 777. Reimyo took the transport and the K2 architecture from the Victor unit...i compared both recently via digital coaxial output and you cant tell the difference.

The Victor XL-Z900 retails at $4000...a nice saving on the Reimyo.

Back from the dead....

Looking at picking up a DAP-777 soon. Anyone else have thoughts on a good matching transport? Like to keep it ~$1000 if possible. Thanks!