Reimyo DAP-777 compared to Audio Aero Prima DAC.

Has anyone had a chance to compare these two DACs and if so what were your thoughts?

Unfortunately, I cannot audition either based on my location. I've read stellar comments on both, but haven't come across a comparison of the two. The impression I've got based on what I've read is that the Reimyo CDP-777 betters the Audio Aero Capitole II - however, I'm not sure if I can extrapolate from this that the DAP-777 betters the Prima DAC.

I will be using a Sony SCD-777ES player as my transport and for SACD playback. I'm currently using an Ack!Dak for redbook but am looking for an excellent DAC with both coax and optical inputs. The optical inputs are so that I can feed it from my Apple iMac via AirportExpress.

Many thanks in advance for your help and advise.

Earlier this year (in the January edition, I believe) 6 moons ran a review of the Prima DAC, comparing it to Zanden's DAC. The conclusion the reviewer arrived at was that the Zanden was minutely superior to the Prima but at about twice the cost. The review was very favorable to the AA but that doesn't answer your question re the DAP-777, though the Zanden enjoys a similar reputation so one may draw his own conclusion. Still, hearing is believing and nobody's review should loosen your wallet...good luck.
Islandear - many thanks. I read both of Srajan Ebaen's reviews at on the Audio Aero Prima and the Reimyo DAP-777. Unfortunately, I didn't see a comparison between the two. My impression on reading the reviews was that the Prima was more to his liking compared to the DAP-777 - though I may be completely off base on this.

Many thanks,
Hi Neville,

I understand that my posting is not an answer to your question, but I wonder if you could share your impression about Sony 777ES with Ack! Dac, which I lately consider trying. I also have 777ES. Just like you, I have AA Capitole in my mind for the future upgrade item, which is now out of reach for me. In the meantime, I want to either try adding a DAC to Sony 777ES or having it modded by VSEI. Which version of Ack! Dac do you have? I heard that v.2 is quite a substantial improvement over v.1x.

Thanks in advance!

Hi Min,

I'm using the Ack!Dak 1.0 with a Cardas Lightning 15 digital interconnect. I've seriously considered getting the Ack!Dak 2.0 - from all I've read its a very noticable improvement over what I'd already consider a very musical DAC. My main reservation is that I need a DAC that supports both RCA and Toslink inputs (and if possible BNC and balanced too for future upgrade possibility).

But, you're probably more interested in what the Ack!Dak brings to the table in terms of redbook over the SCD-777ES. I think the SCD-777ES is excellent in SACD mode - tonally adept, excellent soundstage and positioning of instruments with excellent dynamics and extension at both ends. Unfortunately, I don't find this in redbook mode. In my system I find the stock SCD-777ES in redbook mode almost 2-D in terms of soundstage, fairly bright on the upper end and overall not very musically enjoyable. What the Ack!Dak brings in my system is marked improvements in these areas. Overally the Ack!Dak 1.0 is very musically adept. Areas I'd like to see improvements in the Ack!Dak 1.0 are an even fuller midrange, more extension at both frequency spectrums, better dynamics and a bit more soundstage depth. I believe the Ack!Dak 1.0 is a superb DAC overall, especially for the price - what I'm pointing out as areas for improvement are (a) based on personal taste/bias (b) areas I've heard improvements in when listening to much, much more expensive digital setups (e.g., BAT VK-D5SE, Linn CD-12, ML 360). So, do take this in context. I understand from what I've read that the Ack!Dak 2.0 goes a significant ways towards improving in some of these areas - so you're probably on the right path to consider an Ack!Dak 2.0. And, I honestly wouldn't be surprised if after owning it for a while you consider it as the end of your redbook upgrade path.

I hope this helps.

All the best,
Hi Neville,

I appreciate sharing your experiences. My observation on SCD-777ES is very consistent with yours both on SACD and redbook CDs, except that the upper end of redbook CDs sounds rather sterile or dry than bright here. Your stated improvements by adding Ack! are exactly what I am looking for, and I am looking forward to trying Ack!. After I posted my question, I picked up a pre-owned Ack! v1.3a, rather than v2.0. I thought that with less than half the price of a new v2.0, I could give an earlier version a try to see how it works in my system. If so, then I will go for v2.0. FYI, my system consists of Harbeth Monitor 30 driven by Bryston BP-25 pre-amp and Jeff Rowland Model 10 amplifier.

Wish you good luck on your quest for the next level DAC, and please keep us posted....

Thank you so much again. Min
I am awaiting a Prima Mk II SE DAC. I look forward to hearing it and hope I like it as both a DAC and a volume control.