reimyo dap 777


I have just bought a dap777 and finds it runs warmer to the touch on the upper lid, next to the small holes for air!! is it normal??? should it be left on all the time lilke other dacs or not???
any good tweaks with this dac like sth heavy on top to cancel vibrations : it worked real good with my previous bel canto dac3

thanks in advance

Yes, the top cover area by the holes is warmer thank other spots on the cover, but it should not burn your finger. So far I have found using the supplied PC, it really works well. The 777 does not consume much power so I prefer to leave it switched on all the time since this helps cutting down on warm up time.
I have found in my system that silver based digital interconnect cable creates severe harshness especially with digital based recordings. Anyway I have settled with the Cardas Lighting 15.
From what I was made to understand, serious work by the manufacturer has been implemented regarding vibrations.
Pls let me know you find with your tweaks.

their work concerning vibrations does not seem that amazing

I mean I have now put my reimyo on big wood blocks and the sound imroved significantly thanks to it and then we tried mass loading on the top with books and again veri significant improvements taking this dac to even better sound for free, just wood and old books and magazines
by the way the same was true for our teac p30 drive I mean mass loading

should you use tube amps try to put some kind of weight (we settled for big pebbles after a trip to the sea and for lack of anything else the right size) on top the transformers, again a more precise focused sound tighter bass....

all this is worth trying , all the more so as it is free!!!

hope this helps

Yes, I have place a large slap of wood over the 777 and you are correct the sound quality has improved. The bass area is deeper and clearer, harshness in older recordings eg Beach Boys, have been tone down. It appears the unit should be encased in a wooden sleeve.
I am in the process getting a better pc of wood made up for the top with holes cutout for ventilation. The slab is 2 inches thick oak wood. It is quite heavy so it will not move around. Wood surely does something good here.
Informed my dealer about this but he seems to think I am hearing things.
thx Terry

most people seem sceptical when things are improved without forking out loads of cash

I got the same significant improvement by decoupling all my components on big wood blocks also loading the top of my teac transport; worked well also to load the top of the transformers on my 845 amp

i have tried wood blocks made of different materials, such as maple, ebony, etc. . i have settled on cocobolo wood. it is worth a trip to a large lumber yard and investing say, $50 on a variety of wood to find the one which suits your taste.

i have found that ferrite beads on a digital cable often creates a more neutral frequency response.