Reimyo CDT-777


I need a comparison between the CDP-777 and the combo CDT-DAP-777.
Even more Reimyo vs. Esoteric X-01 D2.
I know I'm asking a lot.

Thank you.
Just my "personal" opinion here, but I heard them side by side and preferred the older one box CDP by a fairly wide margin. As you may know, many people attribute the lion's share of the Reimyo CDP's wonderful sonics to the older (no longer made) JVC transport. The CDP incorporates both the JVC K2 processor and the actual transport mechanism used during the mastering of JVC's XRCD² recordings. The stand alone units do not. From what I understand the DAC in the one-box CDP is a higher bit DAC than used in the separates (I think its 24 versus 20 bit).

This all translated IMHO into, among other things, less jitter, better midrange, better resolution, lower noise and more natural timbre - but, as always YMMV.
Okey, it makes sense from a technical point of view, but the end result many times differs. Do you know why the CDP-777 has been discontinued ?
And what about the sound of the X-01 D2? has been improved over the previous version?
I am not familiar with the X-01 in my system so I cannot help on that unit. Reimyo no longer makes the one-box CDP because JVC is no longer making that amazing transport (it is my understanding that the multi-million$$$$ machine that JVC used to manufacture the transport broke down and JVC decided not to replace it).

I should note that I own a Reimyo CDP-777 and wanted to know myself if the separates were as good and that's why I did the test. I also own an AMR CD-77.
Fmpnd, how would you compare the AMR with your Reimyo player?
Fmpnd, I am also very curious how you compare the AMR with the Reimyo. They were both on my shortlist with the ARC CD7. I bought the CD7 and only once heard the AMR. I liked it a lot but because of the delay in delivery a choose the CD7. Maybe I should have been more patient, or not !!??
Lula and Williamredburry, if either of you are near the Detroit Metro area you can stop by and hear for yourself. If not, e-mail me privately and I can give you my impressions. While I am not a politically correct guy, there is much to like about both units and it may depend on the rest of your system as to which one you prefer. The midrange of the Reimyo is incredible and the AMR is one of the most linear, non-digital, resolving and natural sounding CDPs I have ever heard.
I cannot help you in the comparison with esoteric,however I have the reimyo single unit since its introduction,use it almost daily.It is outstanding it is better than my Zanden Signature combo,meridian 800,the emm SE combo,tthe accuphase dp-85,the redbook playback is better than most sacds.The only cd combo that I find to be better is the new accuphase 800/801 combo which brings a new level to cd/sacd playback.
I beleive the reimyo 777 is the best cd playback for the money and may turn out to be a classic.Good luck.