Reimyo cdp 777 vs Reimyo CDT 777

I am wondering if someone compared this 2 cdp's from Reimyo.There is a rumour going around that CDP -777 is better due to JVC transport and better DAC bulilt in.
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Impossible to compare, since one is a CD Player, and the other one a CD transport only (no analogue outs).

And yes, the JVC transport mechanism is much more robustly build than the Philips CD-Pro2.
The comparison needs to be done between the Reimyo CDP-777 and the Reimyo CDT-777 transport/ EX-999 DAC.
... in which case, the integrated CDP-777 sounds better than CDT/DAC combo.

A friend of mine, a big Reimyo fan, has sold his CDP-777 when 777/999 combo came out, but felt disappointed and quickly sold the CDT/DAC combination. Shortly after he bought ... another Reimyo CDP-777. He have been using it ever since, with Reimyo pre, Reimyo power amp, Reimyo power conditioner and no intention to sell it.
I meant the combo of course.
Whitewind.You confirmed what I heard about superiority of CDP - 777 to CDT777/DAC999
IMO the difference can be atributed to both better transport mechanism in the CDP-777 and the lack S/PDiF interface in the integrated player - eveything is in one box, so you do not have to encode the data and clock signals into S/PDiF (coaxial digital out) and then decode them back in the DAC. The S/PDiF interface is very prone to jitter, if the DAC and transport are not clock linked - and in case of Reimyo stuff, they aren't.

The digital part - BB1704 24-bit DACs and JVC Extended K2 processing - is the same in both.
Can anyone else chime in regarding this comparison? From my reading of reviews the 777 transport forms a great synergy with the 999 dac, but on its' own seems to be just mediocre...whereas the dac is seemingly world class.
Hi Lula. I have not compared my CDT777/999ex combonation with any other players at the same price league. But my conclusion is I have no reason too. To my ears it is what I have been looking for. Hope that helps little.
I have to add why. It really does paint a picture into the music. The mid range is something that I have been looking for in this hobby. The tone is very even and with authority. It excels with all types of music. If you have any further questions I will be pleased to try and answer them.
As per Whitewind saying the one box CDP777 sounds better. I cannot answer that (but if he is rite, then that means they never really improved the 999ex dac from the 777 dac).
I would like to compare the combo with the playback design player in cd. Many people (and reviews state that the Reimyo combo player is the best cd player available) say it is world class.