reimyo cdp-777 vs meridian 808

Has anybody been able to compare the reimyo cdp-777 against
the Meridian 808 reference cdp
it would be interesting ! let's see if someone does.
I have finally done the comparison of these 2 and it was close but the advantage went to the Meridian and now have one on order. I sold my reimyo to a freind of mine and can't wait for the 808. I listened to them both side by side for 2 weeks and everytime I swithched to the reimyo, I couldn't wait to swith back. The Meridian had an even bigger soundstage and resolution that I have never heard before on cd. It is a truely remarkable machine and by far the best one box player out there. I also tried the esoteric xo1 limited and still the Meridian was king. The esoteric had an unbelievalbe build quality but sounded to mechanical or digital in the mid to highs
Optarchie: You are sure the Meridian 808 is the best one box player out there? If you even think so I suggest you listen to Alex Peychevs APL Hifi NWO-2, it makes the 808 sound like a plastic rack, I`ve heard G07, G08, 800, G98 into 861, 808 and 808i. None is even close in resolution, soundstage or natural presentation. In my ears all Meridian has the "digititis" syndrome. This is my opinion and absolutely ALL others in the tests agreed. But even then I can`t say the APL is THE best since I havent heard all players out there ;)
I own Meridian 808.3 and it was the best player so far for me untill this weekend when I listened Lector Prime in my system.I was first trying to find some bad things on Lector but on the end I was sold to lector,more involving,sounding less digital then meridian which is also very very good in this area.
Optarchie.I want to do the oposite.Sell my Meridian and obtain Reimyo.I like Meridian a lot,but I like more organic sound which Meridian does not give me.Mweridian sound is kind of dry and very neutral which is great thing,but sometimes too much is too much.What is your thouht after 4 years?