Reimyo CDP 777

I am looking for user opinions on the Reimyo CDP 777.
It's the best bit of audio gear I have ever heard! I had no intention of spending that sort of money - but hell, when you fall in love, money is irrelevant.
Compared to Naim CDS 3, Wadia 861 - just no race. The Reimyo is just totally musical and balanced.
Now to get gear that is up to showing it at it's best?
I'll second Eril responce, It is in a class of its own. I only have about 100 hrs on mine and it totaly blows away every player I have heard (Wadia,AA Capitole,Audiomeca,Accuphase)and at its retail price It should.
Agree with above. Compared to an Audio Note CDT2 and Levinson 36S DAC combo, it was no contest. Much more resolution, transparency, organic/natural feeling. It's not analog but awful close.
I wish I could afford it--even used! I would like to hear any other comparisons or experiences people have had with it. I have only seen 1 or 2 for sale here.
If you can afford it, go for it. I had it at home for a few days and was amazed. There's not a single area of its performance that is not state-of-the-art. But, more important than the "parts" is how it handles the "whole". Music, is art, is expression. This expression has never - in my experience - been handled on such a lucid way by a cd player as you get with the reimyo. It does not sound like CD, but it does not sound like vinyl, either ... it is an amazing source no matter which format you have in mind.


i heard the reimyo cdp-777 and esoteric dv-50s in the same system on different occasions. having owned the esoteric dv-50, i'm quite familiar with its capabilities. i've found the esoteric to be quite good, but have heard a few digital front ends that are better. the reimyo cdp-777 is not just better. it is in a different universe. that's really the only way to describe the differences. the transparency, speed, clarity, dynamics and separation that it presented the music was stunning. in comparison, the esoteric sounded veiled, laid back and downright lacksidaisical and i never thought that of the dv-50 when i had it in my system. but then again, 3 times more money should buy you a lot more excitement. if you can afford it, get one. i would. :-)