Reimyo and CD Player Comparison

My present CD player is a Combak Reimyo CDP777. Would I significantly improve the sound if I switched to one of the three following players: dCs Puccini, Meridian 808.2, or the top of the Spectral line? If so, which one? And what sonic benefits could I expect?
I have owned a Reimyo CDP-777 since 2004 and spent over a month auditioning a dCS Puccini in my system when deciding on a replacement earlier this year. To my ears, the Puccini sounded marginally more detailed and offered SACD replay as well. However, I did not feel that the Puccini dug as deep as the Reimyo which I feel is superior in the bass. What I ended up buying was the dCS Paganini transport and DAC which I feel offers overall superior performance to the Reimyo. I still think the Reimyo offers a seductive musical sound and have not heard a single box 'red book' CD player that betters it. For me the dCS Paganini is an improvement but at substantially higher cost and the additional cost of a MIT Oracle MA digital BNC clock cable and Siltech Classic Anniversary G7 firewire cable has to be factored in if you really want to make the dCS Paganini sing. I was happy that the Puccini I auditioned was fully run in and have heard it delivering amazing performance in my dealer's home system. I have no experience of the Spectral or top end Meridian CD players. The rest of my system is Karan Reference MKII preamp, CJ Premier 350SA power amp, Avalon Indra speakers connected with MIT Oracle MA interconnects and MIT Magnum MA speaker cables. The source components are on a Stillpoints ESS405 equipment rack. Photo link here:-
Since I own a cdt 777 and the 999EX Dac I would say just get a 999EX its what you got only way more. (I assume the 777 cdp has a digital out). The 777cdt and 999EX combo easily beats the Puccini and the meridian. I have not heard the Spectral. Of course thats just my opinion, I could be wrong ):
Starcon, You make an interesting suggestion. Have you actually compared your Reimyo transport and DAC combination to the Meridian 808.2 and the Puccini?

I had owned a lot of CDP & transport/Dac combos. Olso DCS Encore/Elgar plus DSD, Meridian 808i, Wadia 270-27ix Krell 25 sc(24bit) All very good brands. But the Reimyo CDP 777 deliver magical amazing organical sound performance I never heard bevor. Connected with very good interconnects from Adagio audio cables "Generation 2 "interconnects (hand made in Germany)the best ic. I ever owned and DCCA (USA) powercord.
The rest of your system Pre/amp and speakers must deliver olso very good performance.
Don't think so, I had one and is very had to have "significant" differences - the issue/media is the source of its shortcomings, if any.

I would rather suggest you to start digging into HiRez downloads.


I am thinking of options for a good cdp.
I have the funds to enable me to purchase a Japanese Marantz cdp SA11s3. SACD feature is no a mandatory feature of my need although it will be good to have going forward.

My collection consists largely of ordinary Cds so I do not want where possible to purchase a duplicate set of albums in SACD.

I am therefore thinking of either buying a NEW marantz  SA11s3 or a USED AMR CD77 or a Reimyo CDP777 . I am thinking in this direction because I want to maximise the SQ from my colletion of redbook cds.

Apart from difficulty in getting repairs and parts for the 2 old brands, is there a common understanding/agreement  that the 2 used cdp brands is very much superior in SQ for red-book cds compared to the marantz ?

I need advice on these 3 options.

Please avoid the introduction of other brands .

Thank you.

you are on-target in regards to service/parts for the AMR and Reimyo spinners.  It would be challenging if you did not live in Europe.

Marantz is a much better option.