Reimer v. Revel subwoofer

I am considering the Revel B-15 or the Reimer 12" sub for my 2ch music system (Merlin VSM-MMs). Has anyone used either of these with the Merlins? I have corresponded with Bobby and either from a specification standpoint would be OK, in terms of type of crossover, etc. TIA.
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I really enjoy my Revel Subs. I don't know anything about the Reimer. But adding subs to either an all music system or home theater system can be tricky to install, but once you have it, will bring your system up at least a couple of levels.
I have a 12 inch Reimer sub on order. If you have not made a decision by the time I get it, I will be happy to give you my impressions. I already have Reimer Wind River Speakers.
The build quality on the Wind Rivers is 5 star, so if the sub is as well built and as cosmetically appealing, it is probably a great choice.
thanks gents. anyone else?
Can't help you with this comparison, but I am using VSM-MX with a Velodyne DD-15. The digital interface and ease-of-setup with the DD-15 is remarkable. With the BBAM you need to use line-level inputs to the sub. The crossover is centered at 30hz with 12db slope. I would have crossed over even lower, except that in my room, some EQing was necessary to fill a dip in response in the 40-50hz range. With a 30hz crossover there was just enough sub output left in this range to be elimininated with the sub's parametric EQ. Frequency response is now flat +/-2db from 15hz up.

Using the spectrum analyzer of the DD-15 with the sub output turned off, I was impressed to see that the VSM-MX alone made useful bass to about 27hz. So this satisfied me that I had set up the Merlins in the room about as well as could be expected. But the sub adds visceral impact and dimensionality and headroom to the presentation and a great ease & relaxation when turning up the volume. You'll never go back.

Thanks, Dave. Anyone heard either of these subs with music, not HT
A friend sells Velodyne. He tells me he would never purchase a Velodyne for two channel even at the price he could buy them for. He doesn't care for the sound for video either. He was very impressed with my Revel Sub 30s which are setup for two channel. Seek out Adidadi for good deals on Revel Subs. Be prepared for a lengthy time of experimentation to get the setup right for your system. If you don't care for Revel, go for a Rel.
After installing the Sub 30s on my two channel system, my listening panel and I were amazed at the upgrade in resolution to my Salons which were already biamped.

As a satisfied owner of a Velodyne DD-15 with a top-notch 2 CH system, I prefer to listen to my own ears rather than to heresay. Or perhaps to follow this month's Stereophile Recommended Components list: the Velodyne DD-18, the Revel Sub 30, and REL Studio III are all "A" list components.
I have a B-15 I use for 2 chan. and it took about 6 months to set it up. The problem I had was with placement being limited by the room. In addtition I have come to find that I have a very very large suck out between 20-30hrz as well as 50-70hrz. Not a good combo as it tends to rob the bass presentation of both its low end impact and the leading edge, making things too laid back. Then again, with plenty of energy at 30 or so you get a nice bump that can make it seem like all is well with some materinal and make setup a bit problematic as you go from song to song and notice the suck out with some material.

The revel does a good job at integrating and smoothing things out. Not perfect, as I still feel there is a bit of something missing in the 50hrz range, but after about 6 months all is in very good shape. Be prepared to play around with setup/placement, cables and your main speakers to get the best from it.

If I had to do it over I might go with the 30 or with Aerial maybe even on of the thiel's. But at the price range around 3k I don't think there is much better.