regular vinyl pressings

I personally prefere vinyls pressed in europe(Germany, UK and Netherlands in particular) over the US made ones. More than half of my vinyl collection is from europe.
That's the sonic signature on most of them that is pleasing me more than in the same US record.
The only exception on US pressed albums is EG edditions.
If you would shopp for regular(non-MFSL or direct-to or 1/2speed) vinyls which pressing would you prefere?
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ECM, Warner Bros. jazz label would be at the top of my list.

To me, the important thing is to try to get the original first release pressings of whatever is I'm looking for, if possible. Not just for the pressing, though. Some first releases are foldout album jackets, like a mint shape of Triumph's "Just a Game" I recently found.

I did find a sealed copy of Boston's first album for $2.00 and thought I really got something only to find out the sound was extremely disappointing. A few months later I saw a sealed copy of their second album and I let it go by...

Since music is the most important thing for me, if I find something I don't have and want I just buy it. Period. Even if it's one of those awful Venezuelan re-release pressings of Latin American recordings. Don't complain about U.S. pressings and enjoy the music Maraka---there's much worse out there...

Now I see why you bought the wrong turntable!
Dont like USA pressings.You should have the pleasure of Canadian pressings.About 70G cheap Viynl you can fold them in half just about.
I didn't say that I don't like US pressings. It's just my collection basically consists of european rock such as 10CC, Marillion, Can, Van Der Graaf... and they were definitely recorded and pressed first in Europe. The pressing weight very often isn't an issue when you have an advanced turntable setup on one side and when you store them properly on the other side. I listen to a french music a lot and love it so I guess there is no way I can avoid canadian 70g vinyls since lots of french stuff pressed in Canada.
Its probably more than 70 Grams but hey Canadian pressings are very flimsy.
Just enjoy the music...

Again, that's why I use a modded Technics 1200. It's music friendly.
The labels you are looking for will largely be determined by the type of music or specific artist you are looking for. (i.e.- Don't look for an ECM pressing of Boston or any other rock artists.) Alot of the smaller record companies do a better job of pressing, while the larger companies crank it out too fast, athough there are lots of exceptions in both cases. Check album reviews and ask around about specific albums.

As suggested above, you could also get a table in which you can't discern a good pressing from bad, in which case, your problem is solved.....

BTW- I have alot of import/european rock I'd like to sell. If you're interested, let me know.

psyhicanimal- I see your posts about your T.T. often.Im wondering,are you a D.J.? Just curious as why you use that table if you arent(?)
My modded Technics 1200 is a high end TT, just that it is also music friendly. Rigged with an Ortofon X5 MC and a Monolithic Sound phono stage it humilliates my CDP/DAC combo no contest.

Where did you learn your audio, man? From a high end salesman?
p-animal- no need to get defensive 'man' It's just you are the only one I've read here that uses a D.J. table for real music.Chill 'man'!
No, I'm not a DJ. I am a hydrologist who started in audio when I was 15 years old (I'm 39 now) and who helped financed college working at a couple audio stores...this exposed me to the Voodoo when I was a mere 20 years old.

The 1200 is the only decent priced TT on which you can install a fluid damper on the tonearm ( You would have to get an SME arm or similar to get this level of performance. I have become one of the few 1200 evangelists out there...

By the way, I recently received an e-mail from a member who's an electrical engineer and has modded his 1200! Check this out:

"Hello Francisco: I like your rational approach to finding ways to make listening to music more enjoyable. I like all the choices we have, but as one who has come full circle, I believe that the lunatic fringe have done this hobby a gross disservice. Many people who would otherwise invest in good equipment are turned off and humiliated by the confusion and snobbery."

He then goes on:

"I laugh when people criticize my beloved Technics SL-1200 and cartridges (Ortofon X5, X3, Audio Technica AT-ML150, Stanton 881SMkII, and B&O MMC2). Yet the arm has extremely low friction and resonance and is complete with all adjustments (even azimuth with the Sumiko headshell) necessary. The drive has extremely high rotational stability and speed accuracy as well as low transmitted noise. The platform it is built on is as resonance-free as those of most of the best turntables. I have a complete lab with all of the best equipment, even an Ionex PCB washer that removes all flux, oxides and ion contamination to 0.1 ppm. All boards are washed after component removal and prior to installation of new components. The result is silver solder joints with a mirror finish and almost zero contamination of the soldered amalgam. My 1200 has been modified. All of the resistors and capacitors have been changed to the best types and what little DC instability and drift has been eliminated. I enjoy the challenge of taking moderately priced components to the next level with well-engineered modifications, which are designed to reverse compromises the original designers chose to make to meet the desired price point."

I do not have yet the fluid damper nor the outboard dual mono PS for my Monolitic phono stage and the sound I'm getting is simply outstanding...I heard KAB is working on an outboard transformer for the 1200, too!

The problem with the 1200 is that is does not say Rega...

I invite all of you to join the 1200 club...
hi psychic,

i know ya like yer 1200, & i, too, have heard one set up properly - it *is* a nice 'table... but, i'm not ready to part w/my oracle - it yust *looks* too cool! ;~)

doug s.

Yeah, Star Trek era vinyl playback!
yup, agreed - about the same vintage as the 1200! ;~) but, updated to mk-v specs w/an origin-live dc motor kit, & o-l modded rega (there, i said it!) tonearm, i bet mine sounds better! nyah, nyah! ;~)

regards, doug s.

Come on dud,this is my flame!
I would love someday to own a 'orackles' they sure look cool and I bet they sound better than cool!

Sedond and I belong to the 'Kings of Bargains' club!

You would be surprised how much sound I'm getting for what I've spent...
psychic, give dave a break - he got into this audiophile-thing not too long ago; w/guys like us here on a-gon, he's picking up many tips on being a cheapskate! ;~) now, both you *and* david need to invest about $300 into a modded di/o dac & enjoy digital audio playback for the FIRST TIME! ;~)

regards to all, doug s.

ps - sorry marakanetz, if we kinda trashed your original thread here, but does it bring it close to being back on-topic, if i say a modded art di/o will get ya *very* close to the best analog has to offer? this, from a died-in-the-wool analog junkie! :>) a couple folks with which i've had off-forum discussions, and who have *far* more experience w/*far* more expensive digital *and* analog rigs than me, have said the di/o is even better than their big-bucks analog rigs - rigs that make my oracle look like a grade-school phono-box...

Sedond,you know what's going on w/ those tube monoblocks I'm about to audition in my living room...
I just found out they're solid state, not tube...
OK, Sedond, I'll bite- what's a modded di/o DAC? Email me if you prefer.