regular speakers set outdoors

Hi, just need an opinion, on how my speakers will sound;
set outdoors, planning a block party next month, thinking about buying a heavy duty 100' power cord from HD, and set rig on the street, speakers are VR, vr4mkIII, tube amps and preamp, will they sound decent, or dont'even bother.
what do you think

do not place them outdoors or you will have to recone or refoam your speakers! you may even loose drivers as well.
tube amp, preamp are you serious??

you can rent outdoor speakers and other electronics without saccrificing yours designed specifically for outdoors and block parties.
Home audio system for a block party? WOW!

I have a inexpensive system I use outdoors for parties, put it together for under $300. Use it when showing movies on the pole barn. Do not need it to convey to a block party however. The entire block may not need be covered.