Regular DVD on PS3?

I love watching BR on my PS3 but the picture on regular DVDs seems like it is zoomed in and just doesn't look right. I have looked and looked in the menus for a regular DVD video setting and can't seem to find anything that is adjustable. I still have a Denon 2900 for regular DVDs but am curious if anyone is using the PS3 for DVDs.
We watch DVD on PS3 all the time. I haven't noticed anything wrong on the pictures. Mine is older 80GB version with SACD capability.
My answer is the the same as that of Jylee. I played the old Francesco Rossi DVD of Carmen on my PS3-80 recently, thinking it might look like crap projected on a 100" screen via HDMI, but was very pleasantly surprised. The projector is a Sony VPL-50 AKA Pearl. Another pleasant surprise was that for the first time the size of the video image matched the audio image.

Make sure you have the latest firmware. The default settings for the PS3 upconvert from 480i to 1080p. The improvement after the firmware update (1.8?) was substantial.