Regretting Discarding My Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon T-Shirt--Anyone else?

When I headed off to college in the late 70s, I took with me my cherished Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon
black t-shirt...somewhere and sometime after, I am sure it was donated or discarded.  How many times I have wished I 
kept it.  Does anyone else still have any of their concert or rock memorabilia?

As a huge PF fan, I have over a dozen of various PF T shirts. I have worn out at least 6 DSOTM T shirts over the past 45+ years. Luckily, whenever someone in my family notices the sad state of one of my beloved TShirts,I receive a duplicate For either my Birthday or Christmas.

When I die, my wife and children already know to “wake me” in shorts and a PF shirt with a few 420 cigarettes in my pocket for the long trip to Heaven or Hell.   Hopefully it is the former, not the latter.
I've got 2 PF t shirts,a Grateful Dead,Zep,CSN&Y,Jethro Tull.The one I really miss is another Zep shirt that is of a design that's no longer made.I should have framed it but threw it out like a dummy:(
Interesting collections!  I am now seeing reproductions of some of these in Target!  I have been tempted to grab one of the DSOTMs but I tell myself, it will not be the same as the original I bought at the record store!!!  My friend has a LZ t shirt purchased from a vintage store.  It is pretty darned awesome.  Framing is a great idea.  The only t-shirt I ever framed was one that read, "Art Can't Hurt You"  and gave it to a friend who got a real kick out of it.
I get all my Pink Floyd shirts from the official PF store on the Pink Floyd web site. 
Never been one for band shirts too much, mostly because of the over the top rip off prices asked at concerts which is about the only time I ever think about them.
However my one big regret is wearing out and then dumping my Styx Paradise Theater shirt which I bought from their show at Bingley Hall, Stafford, England back in 77 or 78.
It was a REALLY nice design and very unusual with half length sleeves ( sure there is a name for that ?).
All I have right now is one Shinedown shirt......
When my parents passed we found some old clothes from the 70's. Even though they were like time capsule storage and brought back memories they were discarded because, well it turns out that half a century is hard on clothes even just sitting in a box. About the only way it would look good is framed behind glass. But even then.... unless signed or something still just another worn T-shirt. You got your use out of it. Try not to let it worry you too much. Be content with the memories you do have, and not worry about the ones you might have had.
I wear my Yep Roc t-shirt. Printed on the front, "I still buy vinyl". Gets plenty of looks and a nod/wave every now and then.